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Doodle Nandi is a content editor for Hotcourses India- an IDP company, and helps write articles that help students with their study abroad journey.


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Do you know about the Australian Universities offering Law degree courses?

Unleash the lawyer in you: study law at the reputed Australian Universities.

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Doodle Nandi

Doodle Nandi is a content editor for Hotcourses India- an IDP company, and helps write articles that help students with their study abroad journey.


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study Law at Australian Universities

Law – the word that creates, restores and defines something or everything. Law is part of our social, cultural, educational, sports and ethical atmosphere. Law is inherently wrapped with changes and responsibilities in this world and permeates every aspect from political decisions, war to family disputes–the word that can make or break anything.

The job of a lawyer is quite daunting and exciting be it a Business Lawyer, Immigration Lawyer, Military Lawyer, Paralegals, Civil Rights Attorney, Criminal Defense Attorney, Private Practice Lawyer or an Environmental Lawyer.

What are the types of Law Degrees offered at Australian Universities?

  1. Bachelors in Law, which is usually for 3–4 years, and bachelors in Law with a combined degree, which is for 4–5 years. Combined degrees are dual degrees which is helpful for people who want to pursue a career, apart from a legal one, that will complement your degree.
  2. Practical legal training–this will help you become a professional lawyer.
  3. Juris Doctor, which is a postgraduate degree that normally takes 3 years to complete.
  4. Practical Legal Training (PLT) is an important criterion for gaining admission into legal practice in Australia.
  5. Graduate diploma of legal practice is a common pathway to complete your PLT. It usually lasts for 6–12 months.

Advanced degrees: for those who want to look beyond an undergraduate degree in Law.

  1. Postgraduate courses are available for those who want to be full-time professional lawyers.
  2. Non-professional postgraduate courses are for both lawyers and non-lawyers. These are: 
  • GradCertLaw
  • GradDipLaw
  • LLM (by coursework and research)
  • PhD

What modules will you study?

Majority of universities follow a set of compulsory modules. These are –

  • Legal Method, Skills and Reasoning
  • Constitutional/Administrative Law
  • Principles of Criminal Law
  • Contract Law
  • Land Law
  • Tort Law

Optional modules might include:

  • Law and Medicine
  • Media Law
  • Internet Law
  • Public International Law
  • Child Law
  • Intellectual Property Law

The list of Australian Universities offering UG and PG degrees in Law are as follows:

For UG:

  1. University of South Australia
  2. Australian National University
  3. University of Technology Sydney
  4. Charles Darwin University
  5. The University of Western Australia
  6. The University of Sydney
  7. Murdoch University
  8. Monash University

For PG:

  1. University of New South Wales
  2. Australian National University
  3. The University of Sydney
  4. Monash University
  5. The University of Queensland 

The very word of ‘criminal lawyer’ sends chills down the spine. Know about the famous barristers, solicitors and lawyers in Sydney who handle some big shot cases.

In Australia the word ‘lawyer’ is used to refer both barristers and solicitors (whether they are practising privately or as in-house counsel).

How will a degree in Law help you?

Students who study Law are eligible to directly take the LPC or BPTC. You can either engage yourself in a private practice or join any legal in-house departments, the Government Legal Service or Crown Prosecution Service.

However, studying law abroad doesn’t mean you have to tread a specific path after completing your studies. With a degree in law, you can be either a journalist, politician, researcher or a police administrator.

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