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02 Dec 2014 611 3 mins Share

Studying in Sweden - How to Go About It!

The article gives you the cost of studying engineering, MBA, other courses in Sweden and how to apply for it.

02 Dec 2014 611 3 mins Share
Sweden is a Scandinavian country based in Northern Europe and is also known as the Kingdom of Sweden. It is EU’s third largest country by total area and has a low population density of just 21 people per square kilometre, with most of it population in its southern half. 

Why Sweden?

Here are a few interesting facts about Sweden for beginners…
  • It is well known to be the birth place of the Nobel Prize and has an economy that is driven by technology and science. 
  • Present day Sweden is well known for its sense of fairness and social justice.
  • Sweden has the world’s highest level of wealth equality. 
  • This country has availability of public funded healthcare for everyone.
  • Sweden also enjoys the lowest gender pay gaps in the world.

Swedish Universities

If you are considering studying in Sweden, then you are looking in the right direction. Sweden is one of the most popular European study destinations. It presently has over 30,000 international students from all across the globe. 
Universities tend to set their focus on practical experience as well as group work. Master’s degree programs offered are usually closely linked with the industry to feed students the right mix of practical work and theoretical study. Swedish universities encourage students to develop their strengths and talents to their full potential with an education system that is highly student-centric. 

QS World University Rankings 2013

Students looking to apply to Sweden universities must have a look at the QS World University Rankings 2013:
  1. Lund University – 67th position internationally
  2. Uppsala University – 79th position internationally
  3. KTH, Royal Institute of Technology-118th position internationally
  4. Stockholm University – 170th position internationally
  5. Chalmers University of Technology- 202nd position internationally

 Top Cities and Their Uni’s

Similar to other European countries, Sweden has most of its population in its bigger cities. This gives Sweden its charming and large ethnic variety.
Here’s a look at some of Sweden’s top cities: 
  • Stockholm is Sweden’s largest city which houses nearly a quarter of its population. It houses the Royal Institute of Technology and the Stockholm University which have made it to the top five this academic year. This vibrant and cosmopolitan city has a considerably large immigrant and student population.
  • Lund is well known as a hub for high-tech organisations and is a small city, with its origins dating back to the 10th century. Given its unique positioning at the southern tip of the country, it offers numerous opportunities to students to travel. It also houses some well known universities such as the country’s second oldest university- Lund University.
  • Uppsala is Sweden’s fourth biggest city and is a reserved and quiet city that students might prefer for a peaceful student experience. Being near the eastern side of Sweden, it is best situated for frequent visits to Eastern Europe. Universities in the city are among the oldest in the country. The city houses Uppsala University, which has ranked in the 79th position internationally and second nationally.
  • Gothenburg is the country’s second largest city and is more affordable than other cities. Plenty of pubs and bars populate the city and offers students a very lively experience. Gothenburg is well known for its friendly locals and its continental vibe. The city houses the University of Gothenburg which has achieved the 205th position internationally and 6th position nationally. 
  • Umeå is the city that wilderness lovers will not want to miss. Students will really enjoy northern Sweden’s stark beauty. It has been picked as the “ European Capital of Culture 2014”. It is not just a research hub but also boasts a good nightlife. The city houses Umea University which ranks in the 289th position internationally and 7th position nationally this year. All of the city’s universities are led by Umea University. 


For university admissions, students should make use of the centralized University Admissions application portal. 

Student Visa Requirements

Here are the visa requirements for international students from outside the EU:
  • Students will need a residence permit for study in Sweden which they can obtain from the local Swedish embassy.
  • For acquiring a study permit, students will need to show proof of having been admitted into a study programme. 
  • Students are required to have a minimum of SEK 7,300 (approximately US$1,100) a month for a minimum of ten months for every academic year that they intend to stay in Sweden.
  • Students must have made their first instalment before receiving their permit. 
  • Overall, students must be sufficiently funded for their entire period of study in Sweden. This sum will be reduced in case students have acquired scholarships or free accommodation. 
  • This permit must be renewed annually.

Tuition Fee

In general, students will have to shell out (for tuition fee) anywhere between SEK80, 000 and 180,000 (nearly US$12,000-27,000) depending on the programme they choose to study and the university that offers it.
This is just a sneak peek into student life at Sweden. Explore for yourself all that the country has to offer through our listings and make your pick soon. 

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