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Antony Chacko
17 Aug 2015 397 2 mins Share

Sweden - The new hot choice for students to study abroad

In Sweden most of the universities are self governing and they stress a lot on research and make sure that the students get good teachers.

17 Aug 2015 397 2 mins Share
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The pattern over the years has been pretty consistent. It has been noticed that the tier one countries for foreign education has been U.K., USA and Australia taking the 1st few places, with Singapore, Europe and other countries following close on heels. There is one other country which is catching up fast and is viewed as one of the top choices in the last few years. Study in Sweden has been a choice for many students and the mutual cultural relationship between the two countries has also encouraged this further. Indian students find it a rewarding experience and find the quality of education as top notch.

There are numerous international programs to choose from and the living conditions in this country are surely an experience every student will cherish. Like India, Sweden also has a rich historic past, interesting culture, art and lifestyle that make the country quite interesting. It is diverse in art and geography which gives great scope for the students to understand another culture. Sweden has several universities which have both public and self financed institutions. The students who take up arts will find it a great place to grow their knowledge as there are numerous museums and a variety of festivals and a wide range of music and films.  Agreed, the language and lifestyle is very different from that in USA or UK, but the opportunities that are available to those who brave it out here is just as many, if not more. Plus, the students get the chance to learn a new language as well.

In Sweden most of the universities are self governing and they stress a lot on research and make sure that the students get good teachers. Swedish universities ensure that foreign students are given special care and they have a separate office established in order to cater to the needs of the students.  German universities offer education of very high quality and they also provide lot of modern technology and equipments that give the students a unique experience and also have an edge over other country students.

Even internationally there is lot of weight age given to Swedish education and qualification. Swedish Academic Exchange project makes it possible for students to earn scholarship and grants and make the universities affordable. The post education employment is directly related to the economy of the country at that time. But there is always a need for trained and qualified employees so it can almost be assured that if you are good in your field you will and a job.

So it is time to seriously take up Sweden as an option.


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