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Antony Chacko
23 Jan 2015 84 1 min Share

UK to see a rise in student population by 2020

An article having in depth about to see UK in 2020 and what will be the future.

23 Jan 2015 84 1 min Share
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UK in 2020

A study issued by British Council has some good news for students who are planning to continue their dreams and aspirations in the royal land of Britain. It will soon be not only viewed as the Queen’s country but also a country which has embraced foreign students and have made the place comfortable so that they feel welcome and consider it their second home as long as they live there. The next ten years will be crucial for the UK to make this impact and they are taking all the necessary steps to march towards the goal they have set.

It has been predicted that the next decade will see a 10% hike in the intake of students as against the trend over the past few years. They feel that soon the UK will overtake Uncle Sam’s land, USA which holds the number one position for Indian students at present. The study says that only Australia will have a larger increase in intake of overseas students.

At present it is China which leads the list in sending maximum number of students to the UK but in the coming ten years India will overtake China. The rate of increase is expected to slow because of global economic conditions but definitely there will be an increase in the overall number of students heading overseas. Statistics show that China sends 67000 students to UK where as India sends 39000 students but the prediction is that this trend will be reversed by 2020. Only four countries will be viewed as potential market in the years to come as they will contribute more than half of the world’s 18-22 year olds population.

These countries are none other than India, China, Indonesia and USA so all the countries which want to increase their intake of foreign students have shifted their focus to these countries. By 2020 the UK is expected to increase the number of students’ intake by 30,000. Australia is expected to overtake UK as it is expected to increase it’s numbers by a whopping 50,000.  In 2011, 12% of UK’s students’ population is categorized as foreign students and soon this percentage will increase.

So it won’t be long before we see Indian students being welcomed in the UK universities for various degrees. Looks like the demand for students yearning to go abroad to pursue higher studies will only increase with every passing year! A good sign indeed.

Image Credit: Stuart Miles

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