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Priyanka Karunan
17 Aug 2015 389 2 mins Share

Why is USA a Popular Study Destination?

Expert talk about the benefits of studying in the USA. Quality of education, job opportunities, research facilities, infrastructure, and flexibility of courses are the major reasons.

17 Aug 2015 389 2 mins Share
Today the United States is considered to be an educational hub for foreign students. Colleges in the United States offer a variety of courses for students across the globe to specialize in their area of interest.  Studying in the US helps students to improve their abilities and skills in the most efficient manner through interactive study methods. Plus a degree from a reputed American institution offers added value when students apply for jobs.  Here Biruda Virkud - iGrad Global talks on why students prefer studying in the United States of America.
The dream of going to the United States for higher education is something that an individual must have nurtured as a kid. Friends, seniors, cousins and uncles who have studied abroad can be another motivational factor for students looking forward to study in the United States.
Today people associate going abroad with going to the US. Studying in the US provides individuals with better employment opportunities while applying for jobs. United States is also considered as a safe destination for people coming from different parts of the world.
Therefore it is referred to as a welcoming country. 
The world’s best universities like the University of Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cornell University and the University of Columbia are located in the USA and they give world class education and infrastructure for the students. From a technical aspect the students get better research facilities, guides, funding options and other experts for assistance.
The universities provide good flexibility for students for the courses that they take up. Every student has the freedom to decide on the course that he or she can opt from other departments. For example a computer science student is not restricted to his course alone. He or she has the freedom to choose from subjects like economics where they can learn business economy alongside. Therefore students can choose courses from other departments as long as they are interrelated. 
All these factors help in grooming the individual in the most efficient manner. 
Many Universities are opening their second campus in other countries, like the Chicago Booth School of Business in Singapore and many others. Therefore it can be observed that other countries have realized in due course of time that universities in the US are the best study options for students looking forward to pursue higher education abroad.
Today the situation is such that one has to find ways to convince students why not to go to the US for higher education and this requires a lot of effort and persuasion. Students from the southern states of India prefer to go to the US for higher studies. Universities in the United States provide students with excellent teaching methods and infrastructure facilities. 
The next video in queue offers information on the different intakes that are available for students opting to study in the US universities.

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