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Antony Chacko
23 Jan 2015 109 2 mins Share

Business schools in the USA

A closer look at the Business Schools in USA, various opportunities and options available for Indian students.

23 Jan 2015 109 2 mins Share
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business schools

With globalization, the whole world is coming closer. What this translates to a student is they should be aware or what is happening across the ocean, and be prepared to take on challenges that might arise with changing economies. For this purpose, there are many opting to go pursue higher studies in foreign countries. The one preferred country is United States of America [USA], the land of opportunities, and promises. It is considered to be the one country where a person is given freedom to do what they desire and pursue their dreams. There are numerous business schools offering programs across both under graduate and post graduate levels.

For a student eager to complete their education and start a business or join an existing business venture, doing a business course or a business management course is the ideal route. Most of the universities and colleges offer MBA programs too for students interested in business. Sometimes the candidates decide to study further, while others take on employment to gain exposure before returning home.

When applying for an undergraduate business program, the students need to put in their focus in clearing the required entrance examinations whereas for an MBA the requirements are different. They also need to be clear on the subjects they are keen on, be it Finance, Accounts, Commerce, Economics, Computer Science or Business management. This will give them a sense of direction and keep them focused when it comes to applying for jobs.

Colleges in USA offer both Full time and part time programs apart from the study online courses. Western International University offers nearly 19 different General and Business based courses for students to choose from. Similarly, University of Bridgeport has 16 postgraduate courses in Business, some of which focus on Finance. You can also look at Purdue University in Indiana which is ranked among the top few colleges in USA or University of Kentucky which is a slightly smaller university but provides good education nonetheless.  Across USA, almost every state has a university or college offering a wide range of business courses. These also have provisions for students seeking financial aid, in full or part. The Ohio State University is yet another option, just like the University of Hartford that is good for under graduate programs.  Almost all these universities also provide placement opportunities, which open more doors for candidates who go to USA with dreams in their eyes and aspirations in their soul.     

Whatever be your choice, remember to do your research, and be clear in your thoughts before applying.

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