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Antony Chacko
04 Dec 2014 383 2 mins Share

Feeling the pinch, students swerve to Public Universities in US

Is depreciating Rupee value against US Dollar impacting decisions on studying abroad? Will you opt to study at Public Universities in USA if there are no compromises on quality of education?

04 Dec 2014 383 2 mins Share
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The rate at which the Rupee value has been depreciating against the US Dollar, there is a general change in attitude among both students and professionals. The rupee has fallen beyond Rs50 to a US Dollar, and this will have a huge impact on people in India and decisions they take.

Businesses are seeking venues to maximize their connections with USA while students are looking for alternative universities to apply to. The cost of studying in USA especially in Private universities has gone up, to a point where it is almost unaffordable. Many students are now opting for the Public Universities in USA which will prove cost effective with no compromise on the quality of education.  Pursuing higher studies abroad or doing an undergraduate program in USA is considered to be the best option, especially when one is seeking a career in an offbeat stream. But now, with the changes in economy, this perception remains, but choices differ.

Reports state that nearly 100000 students from India go to US universities on a yearly basis. This information has been gathered from career counseling centers and other websites that offer inputs on studying in USA. The trend is slowly changing with more students choosing to apply to colleges that charge lower fees against those charging high amounts.

A change was noticed for the period 2011-12 where the number of students going to Public universities went up to 43% and for 2012-13 the number is expected to shoot up to 62%.  Instead of applying to Georgia tech or Purdue, students have been applying to University of Florida and University of Arizona, Tucson.

For example, if there are 1000 students applying to Universities in USA, nearly 40% are applying only to colleges where the fee range is $15000 to $20000. Another 16% applied to Universities charging $20000 to $250000; 27% did say they are ready to apply where the fee is higher than $25000. There was the small segment of 17% students who were clearly looking for admission into Universities that charged $15000 or less.  It now comes down to the battle between choosing a good college or one that matches the budget and financial strains.

When comparing the number of foreign students who apply to Universities in USA, Indian students stand 2nd in the list with the Chinese sitting on 1st place.  The recession and economic slump has led to an overall decrease in number of students going to USA to pursue further studies. Looking at Public Universities and others who offer scholarships are what keeps the student trail going, which is a clear indication that money does matter.

So, where are you applying to this year?

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