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Study in Australia: Top 5 universities that offer work experience
Gayathri Gopakumar

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Study in Australia: Top 5 universities that offer work experience

Gaining work experience while you study in Australia boosts your employability. Here are 5 universities that integrate work experience in your study!

13 Jul 2019 547 Book icon 3 mins Share
Study in Australia: Top 5 universities that offer work experience

Hey there! I see you have plans to study in Australia. Great choice! And naturally, you’re also looking to work in Australia post your studies! It’s a no-brainer that employers would ideally want your bachelor’s or master’s degree to include work experience such as industry projects, internships - Work Integrated Learning (WIL). In fact, 91% of Australians considered WIL to be extremely important for employability.

As a result, most prominent Australian universities focus on equipping its students with employable skills by including work placements, industry exposure, internships and fieldwork as integral components in its programmes. To be precise, over half a million university students (555,403) took up work-integrated learning in 2017, including 93,000 international students.

Here, we’ll tell you about the top 5 universities in Australia that offer best Work Integrated Learning options to make you job-ready after graduation:

1. Charles Sturt University

Did you know that Charles Sturt University does not conduct any exams or formal lectures for its engineering degree students? Yes! Its students work on four real-world industry projects in the first 18 months of the study on campus. After this, they take up four years of work placements that are paid and learn online. So, at the end of the programme, they are armed with actual work experience and a degree. How cool is that!

The university’s gallant approach to consider students as engineers from day 1 has been successful. Most of the employers feel that students of Charles Sturt University are already work-ready when they come in.

“Students have already got those professional enterprise skills that make them feel like they belong in the organisation, and that they are contributing value to their organisation straight away,” says Euan Lindsay, Foundation Professor of Engineering.

2. Griffith University

Griffith University gave 235 of its students an opportunity to be a part of organising the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Right from tourism and business to design and engineering - the university ensured that its students interned across a range of various departments of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Organising Committee (GOLDOC).

What’s more? If getting to organise one of the highest profile public events is not enough, get this - After gaining valuable work experience across 12 weeks and 35 hours each week, the GOLDOC recruited 61 students to paid roles!

“Completing this internship has definitely been one of the best things I have done for my career and future,” opines Brittany Bell, a student intern.

3. Australian National University

The Australian National University offers its business and economics students an opportunity to independently manage a real endowment, through the university’s Student Managed Fund. The proceeds go towards equity scholarships and it has till date, accumulated assets worth AUD 660,000!

Students benefit from the hands-on experience they get in researching investment options and managing funds on a day-to-day basis. This industry experience will certainly enhance their profile and career prospects.

One such benefited business student of the Australian National University said, “the real value and gravity of this student fund was truly reflected to me during the interviews for the Morgan Stanley Investment Banking scholarship — it was all they wanted to talk about.”

4. Monash University

Monash University offers an award-winning summer placement programme called the Monash Industry Team Initiative (MITI), in which students get to take a wide variety of work including fighting bushfires and infectious eye diseases!

Student participants of MITI collaborate with Honeywell Building Solution, an international firm, and work towards building the first cognitive office in the world with optimum energy use and with the aptitude to signal owners for any repairs.

A toll payment app called Transurban, which was developed by MITI student participants, has even been commercialised! What’s more? 15 students from Monash University’s MITI programme were employed by the company.

This is what Scott Charlto, CEO of Transurban, had to say about MITI: “MITI brings in very energetic, talented people without biases or background in the industry and they just think differently. They ask questions we’ve given up asking a long time ago and therefore we rethink the answers and we get much better outcomes.”

5. Australian Catholic University

Students of Australian Catholic University pursuing Master of High Performance Sport, are exposed to variety of work placement opportunities.

In 2017 alone, students of Australian Catholic University spent over 320,000 days of Work Integrated Learning and clocked more than 26,000 work placements! Consequently, the students have been employed by the companies they worked for during their time of study.

So, now that you have a fair idea of Work Integrated Learning options available for your study in Australia, it’s time to choose the right university, choose the programme of your interest and then start your application process. You’ll also have to look into the budget aspect. Here, check out the tuition and living expenses you’ll incur while studying in Australia.

Furthermore, If you’d like to avail personalised guidance, simply sign up in our ‘call back’ form and our experienced counsellors will be happy to help you study in Australia. Hurry!

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