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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
17 Aug 2015 524 1 min Share

Who will Help You Earn More - Private or Public Colleges?

Public universities seem to have only a 51% graduation rate, compared to a 66% for private universities - An infographic showing the facts on Salary that we get from Public or Private Universities

17 Aug 2015 524 1 min Share

Wondering if studying in a US public or a private college could make a difference? Well, to answer your question, it definitely does, and in dollars! Cha Ching! The Return on Investment or the ROI could vary widely and Payscale has hit on some very interesting facts with its findings. Studies reveal that the net tuition fees that students spend on public (in-state) universities is $ 55,861, which is more than three times the price of the fee required for private universities such as $172,200 for Illinois’ School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Even public out of the state universities make students shell out double that of the public-in state!

Here’s some food for thought! Public universities seem to have only a 51% graduation rate, compared to a 66% for private universities. Uni’s like Harvard and Yale, on the contrary, see a 98% graduation rate! It was also found that starting salaries for private and engineering universities graduates exceed $50,000. Interestingly, the schools that offer the most ROI are from California, New York, and Massachusetts.
Value for money is the most important factor and you should go through these stats carefully before you decide what graduate you’re going to be! 

Infographic Credit: Academic Earth

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