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Applying for MBA degree

  • Vaibhav Karakoti profile image
  • Vaibhav Karakoti Original poster
I want to enquire about universities & colleges which offer MBA with no work experience. In 2014 i would be completing my engneering. preferable countries are USA ,New zealand, singapore, australia & uk cost of studying & living country vise. thanks

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  • Richard Lasrado profile image
  • Richard Lasrado Participant

Hello Vaibhav,

Cost of universities will vary and will depend on which universities you wish to target. USA Universities MBA tuition fee will vary approx. from INR 40 lacs per year to INR 12 lacs per year. You could find the range is too wide.

As you do not have any work experience your MBA tuition fee in USA will range from approx. INR 25 lacs to INR 12 lacs. Further the cost will vary based on forex exchange rate.

The living cost will also vary depend upon whether the university is located in city or semi-urban or rural. Further some state in general is more expensive than others like California is more expensive than Texas. 

I suggest you visit each USA University website and find the details as it will be available on their website. Good luck!

Best regards,

Richard Lasrado, Education Abroad Counselling Centre, Mumbai, India


  • Mahesh Singh profile image
  • Mahesh Singh Participant

Hello everyone! I am hoping to give my GMAT soon but I am really confused about my profile. I have done my engineering in electronics and later went on to pursue my M Tech from USA. I worked for 3 years before going to the US. My confusion arrives here. I haven’t had any “Finance” background as such. However I am very interested in the same. This will be a complete shift in career from engineering to finance,. Would that be a good option? What course would be better for my profile and what is the score that I need to achieve to get in these colleges. Kindly give me some rough ideas as it would give me some clarity. 

  • Sujeet Mathre profile image
  • Sujeet Mathre Participant

I was in a similar situation like yours. However I came from an IT background. I had more than 7 yrs of work ex in companies such as TCS, Reliance & GE. Like you, I also didn’t have any finance, consulting or marketing background but during my work ex I've gained a little experience of finance and consulting and had faced interview of SP jain school of global management.  The interviewers were more interested in knowing how much effort I had put in to understand the new field. They asked me if I had done any finance certification courses. Luckily for me I had done my research and homework so it went well and I got admission. So my suggestion to you would be that don’t worry if you are from a different field. If your reasoning to switch fields is strong you will get through.

  • Priya Arora profile image
  • Priya Arora Participant

To add to him..  you would require a score of 680+ in your GMAT to get into a good college. . Since you have an interest in finance I suggest you do your MBA specialization in Finance. Just give a strong reason for your change in the field. I am sure you will do well. All the best .

  • Sujeet Mathre profile image
  • Sujeet Mathre Participant

Don’t doubt yourself. There are many people who shift their fields at any point of their career. If you are interested in finance and are willing to put the extra effort then I don’t think you should not consider it as a good option.  :)

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