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Best colleges/design schools/universities for automobile/vehicle( bascially industrial) design?

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I'm looking at something worth the expense! Money is an issue. but have to study abroad only. Transport design is the thing for me. After lot of research and brainstorming i have come to this conclusion. I am thinking of UK or US. Please guide me which place is best for studying this and which is most economical. Thanks, Also what do they want to see in their portfolio during interview.

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Hi Sandhya,

I guess providing web link may not be allowed on this website as I had answered your previous question providing web link of ranked UK Universities which I presume was removed by the moderator. 

It is difficult for us to do any research for any particular student based on your limited profile sharing on the internet. Further, we provide answers on this platform on pro-bono basis. If you wish to register for counseling with us than these services that you demand can be provided. What I prefer is to provide is web link (which I suppose is not allowed on this website) where you will need to do your independent research to find Best and Economical university of USA and UK for automobile/industrial design. 

I will suggest you to check the Guardian ranking for UK and USNews ranking for USA universities to find ranked universities in automobile/industrial design which is economical for you. .

In comparison to UK and USA, I believe UK could be economical if you do not receive scholarship as their degree program period is one year less than US degree program (UK BS degree take 3 years and UK Masters degree take 1 year.).

In case you receive good scholarship from USA (Merit based) based on your SAT I or GRE score, your academics and your overall profile than your cost of USA education could be cheaper than UK. In USA there is possibility of full tuition scholarship to limited international students in the first year. The second year tuition scholarship is based on your first year GPA score and so on. The scholarship is based on funding availability which is further a research subject. I will suggest you to apply to both the countries (USA & UK) so that you can check the cost and scholarship and make your own decision. The application fee of foreign universities (UK universities do not have application fee for post graduate degree programs and common application fee for UG based programs) and the standardized test cost is economical and will help you to make good decision at the end.

Normally, interview is not required as your portfolio will suggest the admission committee your aptitude and your inclination towards your interest areas which in your case is industrial design or automobile design. Each portfolio slide need to have a heading which should be self explanatory. You further have the opportunity to write your SOP where you can provide details on your skill sets, your future goals, your objectives and your interest to apply. I hope this helps!


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Hi Sandhya, UK is a good place to learn Automobile courses and Birmingham is a good city to be in. ( Several top Auto firms are based out of Birmingham). Try Coventry University which is located in Birmingham and offers a MS in Automotive Design and it looks like a exciting program. You should have a degree in industrial, product or transport design, or strong automotive design experience, together with a portfolio of work. The University has colloborations with PSA (Peugeot-Citroen), Ford and Renault and offers excellent scope for a Internships. 

You should also try University of Glasgow and University of Sussex, both of them offerring a course in Automotive engineering. Check the website to see if the courses they offer suits your interest. 

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