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Best Universities to do MS in Wireless Communication?

  • Srinath Murali
  • Srinath Murali Original poster
  • Preferred qualification: Postgraduate
I'm interested in pursuing a Masters degree in Wireless Communication and I'm in a dilemma as to which University to select. Lund, Glasgow Caledonian, Sheffield and Brunel Universities look good in Europe. I also have a list of best universities in the US. Which place is better, in my case? And can you list the best overall, regardless of geographic location? And, how is the scope in this field? I'm in urgent need of this information and please get back to me ASAP.

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  • Kunal Ambasht profile image
  • Kunal Ambasht Participant

Dear Srinath,

Applying to Universities in Europe and US is atleast a 6-7 month long project. Your questions will need to be addressed in a step by step process. As a direction, my first advice will be to look at industry reports and get a sense on future growth economies in your area of interest. This will help you streamline your thoughts. Look at the job profiles and organizations you want to apply to after your graduate degree and start thinking backwards.

I know that this will not answer all your queries immediately but you have to understand the complexity of the situation and move in a planned way.

Hope this helps.



  • Srinath Murali
  • Srinath Murali Original poster

Yeah, I know about the job profiles and companies concerned. But I need to know the best universities that offer that course. Without knowing that, I cannot proceed further or prepare for any exams.

  • Avik Paul profile image
  • Avik Paul Participant

seniors plz reply to this question.where can I get more job opportunity?

secondly, I guess european universities are more costlier than US university and cost of  living is also higher.

@srinath what do u think abt it 

  • Srinath Murali
  • Srinath Murali Original poster

Yeah, I agree with your proposition but there a lot of acholarships which can be a big advantage if one secures one. In that way we can cut costs and concentrate more on studies. Cost of living is one which can't be ovelooked and is indeed a critical factor. But, I think its worth the risk and job searches can be widened over Europe as a whole. This thread deserves more attention and mentoring.

Any experts and seniors please reply to this post and help us.

  • Avik Paul profile image
  • Avik Paul Participant

@srinath have you applied any us universities for wireless communication?? there r some good university in sweden which provides good courses

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