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Silver Stone profile image Silver Stone Member Join date: Jan, 2013 Posts: 1 Points: 0
thx for replying to my question .the last thing i need to ask is dat as i dont have much time so can i start my hotel management course along with my mba
  • January 11, 2013

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Kanimozhi K.L Kanimozhi K.L Expert Join date: Sep, 2012 Posts: 688 Points: 10670 Trusted Advisor

Hi Silver, yes there are possibilites to do MS and MBA in dual mode system. Please contact the instituions previously messaged to you for more detailed information.

Kanimozhi K.L | Uniguru Expert
Pravin Shukla profile image Pravin Shukla Member Join date: Apr, 2015 Posts: 4 Points: 40

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I have graduated with a degree in business administration. What I want to know is should I just go ahead and start on my own? Even though I am so not interested to be a corporate slave should I first get a firsthand experience as to how the industry works? Also is an MBA necessary? What is the importance of it and will it help me grow?

Arpit Shah profile image Arpit Shah Member Join date: Apr, 2015 Posts: 3 Points: 30

Hey! Not every corporate makes you a slave. The work culture differs from company to company. Getting an on field experience would probably give you a clear picture of the market scenarios. It is probably wise if you do work and understand how the business works. This will shed some light on the practical aspect of things as you already have the theoretical backing. As far as an MBA is concerned then not every MBA graduate becomes an entrepreneur and at the same time not every entrepreneur is an MBA graduate.


Mangesh Gupta profile image Mangesh Gupta Member Join date: Apr, 2015 Posts: 1 Points: 10

To add to him your financial position plays a very crucial role. Do you have sufficient funding for your new business? What would be your product value? All this counts too. A friend of mine used the incubation support for his startup which was given by their alumni. You could do that too! To conclude, I would suggest you get a job, gain some experience, set up your business base and when it grows you could do your MBA. However irrespective of all this if you have a great product idea and are willing to do something daring then just go for it my friend! After all you need to risk it to get the biscuit.    

Pravin Shukla profile image Pravin Shukla Member Join date: Apr, 2015 Posts: 4 Points: 40

Oh, thanks for your inputs. I have been working on this business model since the time I was in second year of BBA and I am pretty confident about it. I believe that with all the research that I have put in; all I need is to put in hard work. People like Sachin and Binny Bansal (founders of flipkart) are my inspiration. If they could do it, why can’t I? However then there is this practical side of me which nags me to go according to the drill. Work for a while and then do an MBA and then start on your own  

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