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Scholarships to study post graduation in US - How can I apply?

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My main aim to be settled in U.S. So please tell me all the paths which i can follow for seetling their. I can follow any path whether study or job or doin any course. How can i apply for visa and how can i get scholarship if i am going on study visa? How can I get Work Visa also?

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Hello Yogesh,

Students who wish to pursue studies in USA do have work or long term immigration in their mind. Hence, USA has lot of visa refusals as potential immigrant. Students who has intention to coem back will get USA visa.

For you to achieve your goal, apply to degree programs in USA which will provide you 1 year OPT (Optional Practical Training) to find work in USA on student visa. Once you get work your student visa is converted to work visa which is for 3 years and further renewed for another 3 years. In 6 years you will get green card and settle in USA.

However at the time of student visa interview you will have to prove to the USA consulate that you wish to come back to India or else your visa will be refused.

Thank you.

Best regards, Richard Lasrado, Education Abroad Counselling Centre, Mumbai

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