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Is it possible to find a job? If yes will it be enough for accommodation expenses and study fee.

  • Nick Singh
  • Nick Singh Original poster
Once we get into abroad one question always triggers in our mind that how will we survive as in. Will we be able to earn our living and college fee?

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  • Gigeo Sakkaryas
  • Gigeo Sakkaryas Participant

Hi, It is not easy to work Part time and find enough money to fund your education expenses. Most students will be able to manage their living expenses by working part time. You have to be watchful with the rules of the country where there could be restrictions about working part time and how much part time you can do in a week or month. 

I would advise you to take sufficient funds to take care of your entire tuition fees and atleast 1 year of Living expenses. The 2nd year of living expenses you can generally manage if you are doing a 2 year Masters course. 

Some students also find On campus Jobs like TA ( teaching Assistantships) or RA ( research assitantships) but they are meant only for students with good Academics and good command over english. 

Wish you all the best. 

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