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Is the Monash Malaysia campus up to the same standards set by the original Monash campuses in Australia?

  • Wahidujjaman Quadery profile image
  • Wahidujjaman Quadery Original poster
  • Preferred study destination: Malaysia
In terms of the study standard and work permit. In Malaysia campus, can i expect the same standard of lectures, study materials and all that academic facilities? In Malaysia, can i apply for work permit after i finish my study? I mean, will the Malaysian Govt. permit me to work in Malaysia after i get my Masters done from Monash Malaysia campus?

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  • Madhankumar Kumar
  • Madhankumar Kumar Participant

Hi Wahidujjaman, Regarding the standard and study material it should be matching, however you cannot expect 100% match between the two... Other facilities like infrastructure, culture will vary for sure... So, the answer should be yes......

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