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MBA in Singapore.

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  • Tharma Narayanan Original poster
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Is getting Job after studying MBA in singapore a feasible one?how is the job oppurtunities in singapore.which streams of mba have good scpe?

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  • Subhashini Vithyapathy
  • Subhashini Vithyapathy Expert

Singapore works on a system whereby an individual is assessed by his/her merits. Nevertheless you would stand a better chance as compared to graduates from non-English speaking schools. Preference will typically be given to local government universities such as SMU, NUS, NTU if you intend to join a Government linked company or stat board. MBA is typically a supplement to your bachelor's degree. Therefore your first degree is equally as important and being an MBA graduate doesn't mean that you have to work in a specific (specialization in MBA) field. It's a certification to distinguish yourself from non-MBA grads and hopefully help you to progress to the next stage of your career.

If you are truly talented and meets the expectations of prospective employers, you should be able to get a job in a short period of time.  The economy of Singapore has only gone upwards even after the recession in most of the countries. There are new companies starting business in Singapore every day.  So you are sure to get a good job after completing your MBA at Singapore.

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  • Nitin Dubey Participant

Hi I shifted from India to Singapore 4 years back in search of better job opportunities. I am an IT professional with more than 5 years of work experience. Currently, I am working with Tech Solutions ltd. Since I have started working here in this company, my boss has always told me that I would be really good at marketing. Whatever remotely marketing related work I have done till date, I have done it fairly well and I have I really enjoy it. I don’t have a marketing background, but my company wants me to take up MBA in marketing and they are ready to fund my MBA as well. Can someone please suggest me some good colleges in Singapore for MBA?

  • Ritesh Patil profile image
  • Ritesh Patil Participant

Hey good to know that you want to explore new fields. Marketing is an extremely beneficial subject to specialize in. But tell me, do you want to take up a full time MBA program or a part-time EMBA program? 

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  • Nitin Dubey Participant

Actually most of the companies partly fund a full time MBA program and those employees are made to sign a contract whereby the employee need to join back again after pursuing his MBA and he can’t leave the company at least for 3 years after that. But my company funds only part time EMBA programs.

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  • Ritesh Patil Participant

I am currently working in Singapore and have many colleagues who had done their E MBA from Nanyang, S P Jain School of Global management and UCLA. They are pretty good colleges according to me.

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