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Mechatronics and Robotics
Bhuvaneesh Kumar profile image Bhuvaneesh Kumar Member Join date: Aug, 2012 Posts: 1 Points: 0
Difference between Mechatronics and Robotics; top 20 destinations-considering tuition fees, quality.
  • August 26, 2012

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Gigeo Sakkaryas Gigeo Sakkaryas Expert Join date: Mar, 2012 Posts: 685 Points: 9942 Trusted Advisor

Hi, I have found some information from a Technical website which probably answers your query.

Mechatronics is a multidisplinary between mechanical, electronics and computer engineering.The word Mechatronics itself came from "mecha" for Mechanical and "tronics" for electronics. Robotics can be considered as part of Mechatronics as it involves these mechanical, electronics and computer engineering fields. The main difference is inputs are "provided" to mechatronics systems whereas robotics systems "acquire" inputs by their own.
For example, most traffic lights and washing machines are mechatronics system. Human presses button at traffic light when they want to cross the street and at washing machine to set temperature, time, etc in washing machine. Even if the traffic lights work automatically without any buttons are pressed, it is still a mechatronics system because the input (e.g. time to change the lights) is provided. This process is called automatic. In contrast, if the traffic light uses a camera and moves its camera to detect people who want to cross the street and change its lights accordingly, it is then a robotics system. This process is called autonomous.
In conclusion:
Mechatronics system is provided with inputs whereas robotics system acquires inputs by their own
Mechatronics system is automatic whereas robotics system is autonomous
Robotics system does not necessary have a human look to be a robotics system.
You can consider countries like USA, UK, Netherlands for Robotics based programs.

Gigeo Sakkaryas | IMTP Consultants

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