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Part time while studying abroad

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  • Charita Sharma Original poster
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What is the current wage for part time and how difficult is it to get one?

How difficult is it to survive for a student?

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  • Sangeetha Anto
  • Sangeetha Anto Expert


May I know which country admissions ar eyou looking at? Part time availability differs from one university to other. It would be great if you can email us your detailed profile and queries @


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  • Prosper Overseas Participant

Finding a part time job while study in abroad for great opportunity and earn get some money and at the time gain some expierence.

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  • Prosper Overseas Participant

part time job while studying in abroad can be great opportunity and at earn some money at the time gain some expierence also.

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  • Claire Bryant Participant

To my mind, It is even necessary to have a good job. When you are young you have plenty of opportunities to realize yourself. The thing is we haven't got enough of money for that XD. Personally, I am trying to work and to study at the same time. It is difficult but real. Of course, you'll have less time to yourself. You will  need to study in the morning and to work in the evening. But it's everybody's personal choice.

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  • Etifak007 Etifak007 Participant


find a part-time job while you study abroad can be a great opportunity for you to earn some money, gain some experience of work, make new friends and learn about the labour market in the country wh

5 countries where you can work while studying



1.United States

2.United Kingdom




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