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Part-time work options in the US

Article explain about different types of part time jobs available for Indian students, how much hours they can work in a week and how much they can earn doing part time jobs

| 08 Jul 2013 | Updated on 08 Dec 2014 | 804 Views
Studying abroad is expensive. Therefore it is necessary for students to find ways to earn so that they can meet their daily expenses. Hence they take up part time jobs while studying. Here Biruda Vikrud of iGrad Global, talks about how students can get part-time jobs while studying in the US. 
In western countries all types of jobs are respected and are given equal importance. Therefore students need not worry or feel bad about doing a part-time job. It will not only be a source of income but will also help them to improve on their life skills. The part time jobs that students take up are not related to their curriculum. A lot of part time job opportunities are made available for students within the campus. It is important that they are willing to take up jobs so that they can meet their expenses.  
Within the campus students can work in the library and also in computer labs if they have enough computer knowledge and skills. Students also work in places like bookstores and pizzerias. Students get paid based on the number of hours that they work for the respective organization. Generally they get six to fifteen dollars per hour. According to the rules a student can work up to twenty hours a week. 
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