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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
11 Aug 2015 8K 3 mins Share

5 simple steps to find a part-time job in Australia

We present you with five simple steps for you to land that perfect part-time job in Australia.

11 Aug 2015 8K 3 mins Share
Why does part-time work in Australia play such an important role in the life of an international student?  It will not just complement the living and study experience, but also help in gaining relevant work experience in desired areas of interest, which will come to be of great use for full time employment- on completion of the course.

Five Simple Steps

We present you with five simple steps for you to land that perfect part-time job that you need while you study in Australia

Step 1: Know Your Facts!

Before you begin your first ever part-time job hunt in Oz, there are a few rules and conditions you must get yourself to know. Here they are!

1. Eligible or Not?

For those students who’ve obtained their students after 26, April 2008, the Australian Government offers permission to work automatically in their visas. Dependent family members of the student may also work part time. There is however, a restriction on the number of hours. You can work up to 40 hours per fortnight as soon as the course you’ve enrolled for has begun and in case of vacation, you may work as many hours as you can possible put in.

2. Rules & Conditions: 

  • In case the course you’ve enrolled for does not have work as part of its course, then you get 40 hour per fortnight.
  • If you’re doing any form of voluntary or un-paid job, then this will not be included within the 40 hour per fortnight slot.
  • If you have begun your masters by research or your doctorate, then you will be given unlimited rights to work. During any preliminary course undertaken in the postgraduate research sector again will qualify you for 20 hours per fortnight.

3. In Session?

Your course is considered to be in session for you to begin part-time work during the complete time period of the semesters including the exam periods. Even if you’ve completed your studies and still have your ‘Confirmation of Enrolment’ in effect, then the course is still considered to be in session. In case, another course is taken up and points are to be credited to the main course, the main course in still considered to be in session.

Step 2: Learn Your Rights!

For all those working in Australia, inclusive of international students, there are some basic rights they cannot be denied while at work.  It’s interesting to know that most Australian employers come under the coverage of what is called an “award” which sets minimum conditions and wages for the relevant industry. 
Some basic rights are: 
  • The minimum wage
  • Being dismissed from any job in an unfair manner
  • Rest periods and breaks
  • A safe and health work environment 
Make sure you get to work in the conditions that you are supposed to!

Step 3: Let’s get down to brass tacks!

How do you actually search for job opportunities? There are many ways, needless to point out, but here are a few that you may want to know: 
  • Online job sites and the age-old way of looking up newspapers as well
  • You may want to take note that some uni’s put up announcements on their job-notice boards in campus or online.
  • Register yourself at a recruitment company; it will help you find short-term work if you haven’t been successful in your search.

Step 4: Look In the Right Places! 

If you have a clear idea of where and what to look out for, it sure does make one world of a difference. The land down under has numerous industries that offer part time work opportunities; here are a few to get you started:
  • The Hospitality Industry (Includes bars, restaurants, and cafes)
  • The Retail Industry ( Includes clothes stores, department stores, and supermarkets)
  • The Agricultural Industry ( Includes fruit picking and farming)
  • The Tourism Industry (Includes motels and hotels)
  • Administration Jobs
  • Tutoring Jobs
  • Telemarketing and Sales Jobs
In case you have any prior experience, you may be able to pursue part time work in your own area or field. 

Step 5: Prerequisites

Last but not least, the most important prerequisites to finding a part-time job in Australia or anywhere in the world for that matter:
  • English Proficiency Skills - Having a good command of the English language is a basic-must and you must be able to communicate with ease.
  • Make Contacts - Socialise well not just with you won nationality students but with locals as well and create a good network. 
  • Exude Confidence - Put yourself in the employer’s shoes; given the kind of competition you will be up against for any job roles, be the kind of confident and outstanding candidate you would employ if you were hiring, while being interviewed. 
All that being said, overall this is how the scene is going to be in Australia for an international student. Make the most of the situation and the allotted time slot to help ease your financial burden as much as possible. 
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