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Scholarship schemes for students aspiring to study in Singapore

Expert talks about scholarships that available for a student to study in Singapore and how to go about it.

Kavitha Vijeyavelan
Here we have a look at the scholarship scene in Singapore.  Priyanka Saxena, from EGE Global, says that students who’re keen to apply for scholarships must start the application process a year before. Usually scholarship deadlines are set a year before the commencement of the course. Students should be aware of the scholarships that are provided by the Ministry of Education, Singapore, which is available on their site. Some scholarships target academic excellence and some depend on the schools that students are applying to.
In many cases, Priyanka states that it’s likely that schools don’t offer any specific scholarships for students as such. In such cases, students will have to mention along with their application, that they would like to be considered for a scholarship. Scholarship deadlines will then be the same as the application deadlines.
The only schools that offer specific scholarships are: NTU, NUS, and SMU, she says. NTU and NUS don’t popularly offer what would be termed as scholarships but they focus on subsidising of the fee and such financial aid. 
In case students are applying for third party scholarships and not through the university, they should inquire for details themselves such as the deadline of the scholarship, as the university site will not have the required information. 
For students who are academically bright and still unable to acquire scholarships for their first year of study, there may be a waiver on their fee or students may be given a stipend, given that they continue performing academically excellent throughout their academic year and maintain a good CGPA in the required semesters. 
Priyanka stresses that the basic of getting scholarships lies more on how you can portray yourself to stand out in academic excellence, as in Singapore, there are not too many specific scholarships but more of tuition waivers and stipends issued by the schools or the universities.


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