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Antony Chacko
08 Dec 2014 432 2 mins Share

Australian student visa reforms rolled out

Australian student visa reforms was rolled out last week. Get to if it is beneficial to you if you are considering Australia for your higher studies.

08 Dec 2014 432 2 mins Share
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Studying in Australia made easy

Adding to the Knight Review findings, the first stage of the Australian student visa reforms was rolled out last week. In view of the relaxations made to the Australian visa norms and process, heading down under seems to be a better idea than it was ever.

Here’s a quick update on this for the benefit of those of you who are considering Australia for your higher studies.

A more streamlined visa process

The Australian Government has made easier for international students to study in Australia. Changes include a similar assessment level for all international students regardless of their country of passport, easy financial criteria as students would need to show A$36,000 less to get an Australian student visa.The proposed changes would also see the introduction of a new work visa for international students likely to have a validity of two to four years depending upon the level of studies completed.

So as long as you can confidently establish that you are a genuine student and have plans to return to home country after finishing your studies, the Australian visa is all yours!

Change to the minimum English skills requirement:

The Australian Government has also removed the requirement to meet the minimum English skills level before applying for a student visa.

New ‘genuine temporary entrant’ requirement:

A new 'genuine temporary entrant' requirement has been introduced for all student visa applicants. This allows the Australian immigration department to ensure students intend to stay in Australia on a temporary basis, and for the purpose of study only. Once students finish their course, they need to return to their home countries unless they get permanent residency or long-term employee sponsorship.

Cost-effective education

You can earn a quality post graduate degree from a reputed university in Australia for as less as Rs 5,00,000 and not more than Rs 9,00,000, which is much lower than what you might end up paying in other countries such as the USA or UK. With a number of well-known research intensive universities and private colleges to choose from, you can study at the best among them with the cost not hindering your choice!

Part-time work

It’s not only relatively easier to find part-time work while you study in Australia, you also get paid better there, than in other countries like the UK and USA. According to the Education Abroad Cost Study conducted by Hotcourses India, though the cost of living is a bit on the higher side in Australia, you can easily meet your expenses with the good pay you are likely to earn doing part-time work. You can also work up to 20 hours as a student which is a big help for most students heading abroad to study.

More changes

Apart from the above changes, another revision has been made to the visa norms that would be applicable to all Indian students heading to Australia for studies.

The Australian High Commission to India announced that international students applying for an Australian visa will now have to show proof of their admission to an Australian course to be accepted for the visa.

Along with the visa applications, students will now have to include a confirmation of enrolment issued by the Australian institution where they intend to study. This revision is aimed at reducing the processing time as students need not wait for a Pre-Visa Assessment (PVA) letter from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) before getting their confirmation of enrolment.

Staying safe

When it comes to staying safe and secure while studying abroad, the onus lies as much on the student as it does on the college or country where you study. So whichever country you are in, ensure you don’t stand out as a foreigner- aim to blend in. Keep away from areas which you very well know are unsafe, and avoid doing anything to provoke the locals. This way you can get a quality Australian education and still enjoy a peaceful stay in the country.

So this is definitely the best time to head to Australia to do your dream course! Go on, mate and you will be stoked!

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