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28 Aug 2015 4.2K 3 mins Share

Requirements for the Grant of Australian Student Visa

The Article lists out the conditions and requirements for the grant or accept of Australian student visa.

28 Aug 2015 4.2K 3 mins Share
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A student with a Subclass 570-576 visa must meet key requirements, which include a genuine temporary entrant requirement, English language proficiency, their financial capacity, likely compliant with the conditions of their visa and any other matters considered relevant to assessing their visa application. 

A student visa application will be assessed against:  

One of five assessment levels for each visa subclass the streamlined visa processing requirements if the students are eligible. Assessment levels are prescribed according to the passport the student holds and the education sector of their course. 
Students to be eligible for streamlined visa processing; they must provide evidence of your confirmation of enrolment for an eligible course from a participating university at the time that they lodge their application. Eligible courses include Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees. 
To be approved of a student visa, the student must also satisfy the general requirements that are applicable to all student visa applicants. General requirements include students of good character and sound health and having satisfactory health insurance and without outstanding debts to the Commonwealth of Australia. Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements measured under this requirement include: 
  • Students’ personal circumstances such as their potential circumstances in Australia and personal or financial obligations that may provide an incentive for them to return. 
  • Home their immigration history such as previous compliance with immigration laws if they are a minor, the intentions of the parent(s), legal guardian(s) or spouse will also be considered. 

Evidentiary requirements include: 

Students’ capacity to cover the travel expenses, tuition fees and living expenses for the duration of their stay in Australia. Students living expenses in Australia are set at AUD 18, 610/INR 10, 29,293.05 per annum. The period for which students must provide evidence of funds, the type of funds considered acceptable, and the savings period for funds may vary with their assessment level and the sector of study. Living expenses are a minimum amount set for visa purposes and can vary depending on the place students will be living and studying. It is the students’ responsibility to determine their expenses and study in Australia. Even though students’ might have permission to work, they should not rely on work to sustain themselves in Australia as a student. 
Living expenses for family member(s) are set at AUD 6515/INR 3, 60,335.53 for their partner, AUD 3720/INR 2, 05,747.99 for their first child and AUD 2790/INR 1, 54,310.99 for each child thereafter. Educational expenses are set at AUD 8000/INR 4, 42,468.80 per annum. Apart from in very limited circumstances, students are required to provide evidence regardless of their family members intend to accompany them to Australia.
Students’ level of English language proficiency in relation to that required for their assessment level and education sector of study is required. Where an English language test result is required, it should be a ‘specified English language test’ and students should have the results of the qualifying tests before making their visa application. 

General requirements that students should meet include, students being of: 

  • Good character
  • Sound health and possessing satisfactory health insurance through the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for themselves and their family members travelling to Australia. 
  • If students are under 18 years of age, acceptable arrangements for their accommodation, support and general welfare are in place. 
If students are in Assessment Level 2, 3, 4 or 5, and do not hold a student visa and are applying in Australia, you must provide exceptional reasons to justify the grant of your visa. Offer of a place in a course and confirmation of enrolment.
If students are lodging a paper application they should provide either an electronic confirmation of enrolment certificate or an ‘offer of a place in a course’ letter from an Australian education provider when they lodge their application. Even though, if an ‘offer of a place in a course’ letter has been provided to lodge their application, an electronic confirmation of enrolment certificate is usually required before a student visa can be granted.  Exceptions to this include, but are not limited to the below: 
  • AusAID/Defence scholarship recipients, Secondary exchange students and Postgraduate research students on a subclass 574 student visa while their thesis is being marked as these students provide other forms of evidence of enrolment.  Students to confirm whether they need to provide an electronic confirmation of enrolment certificate, they may contact the department.
  • If students are applying using the department’s online lodgement facility, eVisa, they need their electronic confirmation of enrolment certificate to lodge their application. Students to be eligible for a streamlined visa processing; they must provide a confirmation of enrolment for full-time study in an eligible course at a participating university when they lodge their application.  If students package their courses, they must provide their confirmation of enrolment in an approved enabling course and the eligible course in their package at the time when they lodge their application. 
  • An approved enabling course must be provided by an education business partner nominated by the students’ university, that is, their main course provider. The institution will be able to provide them with details of their nominated education business partners. 
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