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08 Dec 2014 12.4K 1 min Share

Visa interview question: Do you have relatives in US?

USA visa officer tactical question. Prepare the answer for the question like do you have friends and releatives in USA? before going embassy.

08 Dec 2014 12.4K 1 min Share
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After processing all the documents and receiving your visa, you are just one step away from studying in US. The last will be your visa interview conducted at your United States embassy or Consulate. Feel free to take up a sample interview with your friends or family and keep yourself prepared.
Richard here helps us understand the question “Do you have friends and relatives in the USA?” When proposed with a question about your near and dear ones living in the US, the officer actually means your mother, father, brother and sister. He clearly states that if you happen to have your niece or nephew, then you cannot state them as your near and dear ones. If that was accepted then almost every applicant will know someone who is already in the US. So if they ask you such a question it only means your family and if they happen to be India, then your answer should be that they are in India. He says that you could also be questioned whether you are confident of your statement. In such cases you just have to reply that there may be your friends or few relatives but you are not planning to visit them at all. So if and only if your mother, father, brother or sister are in the US, you will have to mention otherwise, you needn’t mention any of your relatives or friends.
If you still haven’t made a decision, if you’d wish to return back after your studies or not, and if you are asked a question of that sort, then see the below video to know what and how you can respond to that question.

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