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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
17 Aug 2015 1.2K 1 min Share

What College Students In The US Spend Money On

Have a look at the modern college student and how they fare technologically on the university campus.

17 Aug 2015 1.2K 1 min Share

What’s your pick? A notebook and a pen or an ipad and an interesting note-taking app? Most of us would opt for the latter combination for obvious reasons, won’t we? We are not alone; Presta gives us a few fun facts about the US student life in present times. 

A study involving 500 college students shows that 73% couldn’t study without technology and 38% couldn’t get by for ten minutes without running a check on their mail. A familiar feeling we can all relate to! Interestingly, students from the ages 18-24 were found to have internet connections of the highest speed.
Come study time, here are a few happening apps that students find useful: Snoozerr to record long lectures, Grades 2 to calculates grades and keep track of course credits, and many more. For student budgets, ebooks work out well costing about 40% less than printed textbooks. 
In the year 2009, students had totally spent $13 billion on electronics!  This tech trend has also caused an increase in online courses. Presently 12 million US college students take online classes and in five years, the expected figure is 22 million! Have a look at some of these stats for more. 

Infographic Credit: Presta
Image Credit: Huffingtonpost

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