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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
11 Aug 2014 2 mins Share

Top 6 reasons why you should take up extracurriculars at Uni!

A list of reasons why you should to take up extracurriculars at the University you are studying

11 Aug 2014 2 mins Share

Have you heard of the old proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”? With the kind of pressure that kids face today, this is not just another saying but holds to be very true in most cases. In a period when high cut offs and GPAs mean everything in the world —students go through hell to get admits to a good Uni.

The syllabus and the curriculum are framed in such a way that they get to learn as much as possible, not taking into consideration the kind of stress and pressure that students will have to go through to study it within the time frame. 

Extracurriculars take a back seat as students spend more time with their books and online — leaving no room for sports or physical activities of any sorts. Educational institutions are very result oriented and in an attempt to make themselves look good, push students to study harder.

Let’s have a look at why extracurriculars should be an important part of your time at Uni, shall we?

1. Gives Your Resume The Edge!

Many Universities abroad look for more in students than just excellence in academics. They expect to see more in students beyond just good grades. For these Universities, students are judged on an all round criterion and not just academics. It is better to be versatile especially if you plan on getting into a Uni abroad, as activities and your skills are well examined for admissions. 

2. Health is Wealth!

Exercise in any form from a young age comes with numerous health benefits and will keep you fit and active physically and mentally. This kind of balance will only help you perform better academically as well.

3. All About Teamwork!

Playing sports or such extracurriculars will teach you how to work in a team from a younger age. Learning how to take care of differences that may arise, settling disputes, persuading team members, compromising for the team are all really crucial to being a team player. Extracurriculars make students strong and capable by helping them acquire such skills.

4. Get the Creative Juices Flowing!

Surely, skills such as thinking outside the box are considered to be inborn but truth be said, these skills can be developed as well! Creativity is not just something that can be turned on when required but must have been nurtured the right way from youth.  

Extracurricular activities help with this process and develop creativity from the right age. Creativity could be what sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. 

5. Out With the Stress!

Who says stress is only faced by those who are working or employed in the IT field? You would be surprised to know that young students have been facing an equal amount of stress over the recent years.

Some of the contributing factors are highly competitive exams, assessments, projects, and even competition within their own class. To beat this stress, aside from getting a healthy amount of rest every night, extracurricular activities could play a key role. Extracurriculars could be their only way to the much needed recreation and leisure that is absent in their lives. 

6. Man Is But A Social Animal!

Hitting the books round the clock may fetch you good grades but it definitely will not bring to you a good social life. When you take time off your jam-packed schedule for a few group activities (be it sports or dancing or even singing), you may be doing more good to your overall social life than you realise, making way for a holistic and all-rounded development.

Social skills are very vital for one to survive in today’s corporate world as well. Take your time to make some good friends — this is an important factor of having a good student experience, needless to say!

These are just some of the reasons why you should consider being more physically active; once you start involving yourself in extracurriculars you are bound to find many more positive changes in your life as well. Explore your options and make the most of the opportunities at Uni starting today! 


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