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Mahesh Ramani
17 Aug 2015 1 min Share

Why e-textbooks are growing in popularity among students

Take a look on the facts on why and how students use e-Textbooks leaving the traditional printed text books.

17 Aug 2015 1 min Share
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Remember those days in school when one had to carry a huge bag with class-work notes, home work notes, text books and work books? How we wished we just had a single textbook and a single notebook! 

Technology has improved by leaps and bounds now. We had laptops on which we downloaded books and then the tablet revolution began and today one has access to inexpensive and sturdy Android tablet devices for as low as US$100 that can store a whole library of books.
Studies have revealed that 98% of college students own a digital device and 73% of students said it would be impossible for them to study without the advancements of technology - read - 'The Internet'.
E-books are portable and eco-friendly as you don't have to cut a tree to make paper. 25% students choose e-textbooks and their interactive features help retention of study-concepts.
View the infographic below for more fun-facts about students using e-textbooks!

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Image credit: Huffpost

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