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Miley Wilson
20 Jan 2015 2.4K 2 mins Share

10 Simple Steps to Study in UK Universities!

Check out the article to find out 10 easy steps to get admission in the UK Universities.

20 Jan 2015 2.4K 2 mins Share
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When you are done with high school, a thought bubble lingers over your head like a pressure cooker and all that is present in that thought bubble is, “What university do I get in?”
Why is that decision very important? Many would shrug off at the question, but trust me; this decision alone will place your entire career either in the mould of success or failure. What are your dream universities in UK? Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield or probably any other university that lies within the boundaries of London. If these institutes attract you like a magnet, they truly are an inspiration candle for your academic career. 
Now the million dollar question is, “HOW do I get in!” Many people make mistakes at this step only. They seek a wrong direction, work hard like donkeys and yet don’t get in. The crux is that they were following an incorrect path. Let us see what pointers you may stick in your head before you start your university hunt:
  • Firstly, make a plan!  According to an academic expert at Essay Mall, this is as important as ‘studying before appearing for an exam’.  Planning may include making a list of all those universities you crave to get in. Then see what their eligibility criteria is, weigh down your options, shortlist few of them and start the implementation part.
  • Elevate your AP or IB scores:  If you are opting for a full load of AP courses you are bound to hit success. On the other hand those who have faltering scores in there are likely to not get admission in top UK universities.
  • Your field of interest:   Many would say, this part is a latter story, but no. If you think this way, correct yourself at the spot only. Your flare is the booster of your future success. Make up your mind before you start off with anything in particular. It will help you clarify goals and future ambitions.
  • Ensure that the immigration process is all set:    Check your passport and its validity beforehand.  You shall know that you can apply for student visa 90 days before class. Make sure that your documents are complete; this prior preparation will save you from chaos at the eleventh hour.
  • Earn + Study:   Now that is something really considerable. If you are not a spoiled brat, and you have the responsibilities on your shoulders to bear your own expenses, do some homework. If you are currently employed somewhere and by chance it’s an MNC you can always request for a transfer.
  • Seek tips from some old student:    You can always secure your knowledge by seeking some background information from some student already studying in your desirable institute. This will save you from acting dumb when you are going through the admission processes.
  • Keep a track of admissions:   It is highly essential that you keep in touch with the administration department so as to stay updated regarding the admission procedures. This is very necessary as you will be given priority when the game begins, count my words on that.
  • Scholarship:   See not every university will be your guru offering you the platter of complete scholarships. They will most probably give you few relaxations but still you need to strive hard to manage some funds. Prepare your pockets and wallets, and if you do hit the scholarship jackpot, it’s fair enough.
  • The additional spice:  What really can serve as your additional spice can be TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT and etc. these will build up your credibility even when you are not a part of the race.
The final word is, it is no rocket science to get into your dream university. All you need to do is play your part fairly and the rest will follow up eventually…

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