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How to choose the right recommender for your abroad studies?

Do you know from who you should ask for a letter of recommendation for your abroad studies? Before you submit your applications to the university, this is something you need to think of.

Kavitha Vijeyavelan | 13 Dec 2017 | 140 Views

It isn’t enough that the person knows your academic achievements alone. Does your success mean something to that person? Pick a recommender who looks out for you- this will give your letter that edge

We understand how hard it could be to approach the right recommender for your university application when planning to study overseas. And we also know how important this step is in your application process. So, here we come to your rescue-  with six pointers on how to choose the right recommender.

Be that Early Bird

We all know the saying. Yes. It’s never too early to start thinking about these letters- we advise you to build the kind of relationship with your professors from day one that would one day drive them to draft a compelling recommendation for you. Talk to them ahead of time about these- perhaps early on in your final year. Not only will this help you land a great recommendation, but it will also up your overall involvement in your classes. Therefore, we advise you to swoop in there for that pic-chirp-perfect recommendation!

Do they pass the ‘You-Q’ test?

We mean- how well do they know you? Just to a passable extent or do they know-you know you? All we are trying to say is they have to be well aware of all your accomplishments and the kind of recommender who can add value is the one who can add in details about both the quantitative hard factors such as GPA or test scores; and qualitative soft factors such as extracurricular activities and your areas of interest. Remember- they have to be able to present the best holistic view of you to the university- and they must be confident about writing it.

 Are You Both on the Same Page?

You must also ensure that they are convinced about the university you have picked. If for some reason, they are not for you going for this particular uni- well then abort mission! We repeat. ABORT MISSION! Find someone else rather than trying to convince them (ASAP). You want a strong persuasive tone for a recommendation not a forced, artificial tone with a weak base.

Be a Book Worm in their Good Books!

It isn’t enough that they know your academic achievements alone. Does your success mean something to them? Pick a recommender who looks out for you- this will give your letter that edge.

What Do They Do?

It’s natural to think that the recommender’s designation plays a crucial role- but you’d be surprised to know that it really doesn’t. In fact, if you think that getting a recommendation from your chairman was going to give you more value than that assistant professor who knows all of your academic capabilities and interests and has had closer interactions with you in your final year project- well, you couldn’t be more wrong. You see how this works?

Are they on The LIST?

Now that you know what to look for in a recommender- we suggest that you create a list of all the people who could write the letter that could make or break your study-abroad dreams.  Analyse each person in the list well and get started.

Oh and hey- after you get your recommendation- don’t forget to follow up with a thank you note! Remember- it is not part of their job to do this. 

There you have it- the best ways to pick the right recommender for you. If you’d like any assistance with this or any other step in the admissions related process – reach out to us. Our counsellors can take it from there.

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