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Sample SOPs For Engineering Grad Schools

The article contains two sample Statements of Purpose for engineering graduate schools.

Kavitha Vijeyavelan
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A Statement of Purpose is an essay describing your career and future goals. The essay should explain in brief your academic qualifications, background, achievement, aims and more.

Here are two sample Statements of Purpose for engineering graduate schools. These two are written by final year undergraduate engineering students applying for MS programs in the USA
Have a look to know how your SOP should read: 

Sample 1: Pragnya - Mechanical Engineering 

Keeping in mind that my undergraduate programme is shortly about to be completed in the coming few months, I realise that this is a crucial stage in my career where I should decide the direction in which to move forward. I have a great interest towards the industrial work environment and this is the reason I am looking to pursue graduate study. Added to this, are the factors that there have been huge changes in Design engineering and global industrialization in the recent times making the role of a mechanical engineer a very indispensable one. Being part of this rapidly burgeoning community has been my deepest desire. I pen down my Statement of Purpose with due reverence to the University and the department. 
In order to reach perfection at its peak, it is of utmost necessity that I consider studying in X University with its rewarding research program, excellent research facilities, and highly suitable environment.
From my schooling times, I have shown very keen interest in the subjects of mathematics and physics, which have enhanced my analytical and quantitative skills. These are my areas of strength which have helped me very strongly in acquiring XX % in my tenth grade. I passed out of my senior secondary school with XX% in physics and XX% in mathematics. My overall percentage in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry are XX%. In all of my academic successes, my competitive spirit acted as a catalyst in me. 
Given my love towards science and technology, pursing study in the engineering field was almost like a natural consequence. To study the programme, I had to overcome many a hurdle- such as the common entrance examination which I had to take alongside thousands of students. I passed the examination with flying colours, being placed among the top X% of all the students who had written the examination. I took up Mechanical Engineering in X College affiliated to the prestigious X University based in Chennai. I chose Mechanical Engineering as my undergraduate major as I believed it had tremendous potential. Throughout my undergraduate programme, I’ve maintained an excellent academic record.
My undergraduate program has given me a wide and comprehensive exposure to numerous courses that I found interesting- namely, Kinematics of Machinery; Engineering Graphics; Design Engineering; Finite Element Analysis; Mechanics of Solids; Thermodynamics; Robotics. I strongly believe in learning practically by doing; it is the hope of coming up with path breaking results through experimentation that I find very fascinating. 
I took my study beyond just the four walls of my classroom- keeping myself occupied with numerous industrial visits. This helped me get a closer look at the application of various aspects of the subject. I presented ten technical papers at the national and state levels and also took responsibility of organizing various cultural, technical, and recreational events. I was elected the president of my Department, taking into consideration my leadership qualities, communication skills, and performance. I was also an active participant from my college for robot competitions. 
During my final year of my bachelor’s degree, I undertook two projects – X and Y. I was the project leader for both of my projects and I learned how to overcome numerous practical difficulties in the implantation of ideas and tasks- with limited resources. I successfully completed both my projects on time, with the guidance of technical experts in my College.
My objective of pursuing an MS in X is to acquire an in-depth competence and hone my intellectual ability in this engineering stream. Ten years down the line I envision myself in the manufacturing sector. I would like to be able to apply what I learn to the industry and contribute towards its development.
I find that your esteemed college with its world renowned high-tech facilities will be the ideal and right place for my graduate studies. I wait for your benevolent acceptance of my application so that I can gain admission in X program.

Sample 2: Kamalesh - Computer Engineering

Its boundless possibilities and instant outcomes are what I find most stimulating and appealing about Computer Science. I believe that keeping an explorative attitude and inquisitive mind is key to a constant learning process.  As I am in the course of my final year in my undergraduate program, I want to pursue graduate study to further refine my skills and knowledge in this area of interest.  I think X graduate programme will give my career goal of becoming a research professional the right direction at research-oriented, commercial or academic organisations.
I believe it will also serve to give direction to my goal of a career as a research professional at an academic or commercial, research-oriented organisation. I intend to pursue an MS degree in order to reach that goal.
I have benefitted vastly from the breadth of X University’s undergraduate syllabus and gained a comprehensive exposure to many core areas of the field and a strong conceptual understanding. In my three years of study at X University I have learnt how to maintain an expending independent approach in all my endeavours. 
In the past two years, I found myself drawn towards the areas of Information Retrieval and Compiler Construction. The Compiler Construction lab sessions and the subjects Formal Systems and Automata and Compiler Construction led me to show appreciation towards the field’s intricacies. However for my MS program, I am open to topics focussing on other areas as well. For my B.E. project this coming semester, I would like to concentrate on Information Retrieval. I would like to employ a technique for search engines- to increase their precision of query listings and comprehensiveness.
One of the most important lessons I have learned as an the head of the Engineering Students Body at X University is that one person’s life can influence the lives of an unbelievably high number of people. This gives us the reason to behave responsible and be accountable. I was the youngest head of this student body in the history of X University and the only one to have served two consecutive years as the Head. This role taught me that self-reliance is the basis of good work and helped me learn how to take both praise and criticism positively. This was a very distinctive and gratifying experience which I feel will stand me in good stead if I choose to get in to the teaching line in the future. 
I would like to say in conclusion that the essence of University education lies in the synergetic relationship between the department and the students. I think that graduate study at your University would be help me best with my academic pursuits and is a major step towards achieving my objectives. I would be grateful if I am given the opportunity to pursue my graduate study with financial assistance at your world-renowned institution.
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