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Sample Statements of Purpose for MS Study Aspirants

We shall look at two sample ‘statements’ written for a student aspiring to study an MS course in this article.

Mahesh Ramani
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Typically, an SOP written by a student aiming to take up an MS course would have a brief description of the student’s academic qualifications, background, achievements, aims and ambitions.

Continuing our series on the Statement of Purpose in this article we shall look at two sample ‘statements’ written for a student aspiring to study an MS course. 
The first statement of purpose is written by a student who aspires to study an MS in Computer Science at the University of Melbourne.
Name of Student - Vignesh Kumar
Course Applied - MS in Computer Science
"The computer is the most remarkable tool we’ve ever come up with. It’s the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds." - This quote by Steve Jobs has inspired me ever since I read about him in a newspaper article when I was in school. The sheer passion, dedication and insight into the future that Steve had led to the growth of Apple one of the riches technology companies in the world. The products created by Apple Inc. from the ipod to the iphone and the ipad have all been game-changers and have a fanatic fan-following all over the world. 
My interest in computers was sparked by the story of how Jobs created Apple as a technology firm with his friends. This led me to opt for the Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science course at Mercy Engineering College. I rate the four years of study at the engineering college among the best years of my life as I spent a lot of time in the computer laboratory learning programming languages and also concepts of hardware technology and the components that make up a computer.
As part of the project of my final semester of study; I worked on developing a portable word-processing application that would also work on low-cost Java-based mobile phones. In developing countries, smart-phones are still a luxury and most people still use sub-US$25 mobile phones, which work on Java-based operating systems. The external examiner for the project rated my project 4.5 out of a maximum of 5 rating points. I completed the engineering course with a cumulative grade point average of 8.75 out of a maximum of 10 points.  
I aspire to study the Master of Science in Computer Science at the University of Melbourne because it is amongst the most highly rated postgraduate programs offered in Australia. Additionally, one of my lecturers Mr. Avinash Tripathi an alumnus of the University of Melbourne recommended that I study here. I have complete faith in Mr. Avinash’s recommendation and I hope I will get a chance to study my dream course at Melbourne.
My ambition is to focus on creating a low-cost yet robust computing device that can offer the full functionalities of a personal computer. This will work on open-source technology and will help everyone from students to farmers and the biggest USP of the device would be that it would run on a solar-powered battery.
The process of learning is continuous and I hope that I would also be able to work on a doctoral program at the University of Melbourne. I hope I will get admission at the University of Melbourne and will be able to fulfil my dreams.
The next statement in this article is written by a student who aspires to study the MS in Chemical Engineering program at Michigan Technological University.
Name of Student - Priya Swaminathan
Course Applied - MS in Chemical Engineering 
“I consider nature a vast chemical laboratory in which all kinds of composition and decompositions are formed.” - Antoine Lavoisier. The line practically sums up what ‘Chemistry’ is - the whole world in a way is a massive chemical laboratory and I dream that one day I will formulate chemicals that will help boost the immunity of people.  My fascination with Chemistry started when I was six years old when I went to an exhibition where lots of coloured chemicals and perfumes were stored.
Something about the brilliantly coloured liquids inspired me and I decided that I would become a scientist one day playing around with chemicals. As I grew older I realised the importance of Chemistry as a subject and decided firmly that I would indeed become a chemical engineer. 
I completed my Bachelor in Chemical Engineering from SSN College New Delhi with a score of 8.50 from a maximum of 10 points. I then worked for two years as a trainee chemist in Alchrome Chemicals, Chennai. My two-year work experience helped me gain a clear insight into the pharmaceutical industry and I was actively involved in a project that involved the formulation of herbal cough syrups and pain-relieving oil for relief from rheumatism. My interest in pharmaceutical-chemistry was sparked and I aspire to study the MS in Chemical Engineering program at MTU to improve my knowledge in various aspects of Chemical Engineering.
My ambition is to work on formulating herbal food supplements that would boost the immunity of young children, the aged and pregnant women. I am sure that the highly acclaimed MS program will help me fulfil my ambition. I also hope that I will be able to work on a doctoral research program at MTU.

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