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Sample Statements of Purpose - For Medical Studies

In this article we will examine two sample statements of purpose written by students aspiring to study medicine.

Mahesh Ramani
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Typically, an SOP written by a student aspiring to study at a medical college would have a brief description of the student’s academic qualifications, background, achievements and ambitions.

In this article we will examine two sample statements of purpose written by students aspiring to study medicine. 

The first statement is written by a high school student who aspires to study the undergraduate ‘Medicine and Surgery course’ at the University of Birmingham.

Name of the Student - Manvinder Singh

Course Applied - Medicine and Surgery MBChB

My earliest memory of being in a hospital is when I was six years old; my grandfather had suffered a heart attack and was rushed to a hospital. He was admitted there for a week and recovered successfully after surgery. When I saw the sense of relief in my parents; I decided that one day I would become a doctor and help save the lives of the sick and injured. 

This was not an idle childish dream and I steadfastly focused on making my dream come true by concentrating on my studies. I have passed my Higher Secondary Exam with 96% scoring full marks in Botany, Chemistry and Physics.

I aspire to study medicine and become a doctor; my ambition is to become a cardiologist similar to the doctor who saved my grandfather’s life. I have chosen the University of Birmingham because it offers an integrated learning program and is one of the finest universities in the UK. Additionally, my maternal uncle lives with his family in Birmingham and if my admission is confirmed I will get to live with my uncle and attend college as a day scholar.

I would be extremely happy if I am selected and get a chance to study Medicine at the University of Birmingham and get to fulfil my childhood dream of becoming a doctor.


Please note - The statement of purpose written above is from the point of view of a student who has just completed his Class XII exams and is simple and precise.

The second statement of purpose is a more elaborate one written by a practising doctor who wishes to join the MSc in Cardiovascular and Diabetes Research at the University of Leeds.

Name of the Applicant - Dr. Sarun Paul

Course Applied - MSc in Cardiovascular and Diabetes Research 

India leads the world in the number of people suffering from diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases; this is a fact corroborated by most medical agencies. The worrying factor is that the age of those getting diagnosed with diabetes and cardiac issues is getting lesser. This is testimony to the lifestyle changes in the current generation and the unhealthy eating habits of the current generation, which is getting addicted to ‘junk food’.

I have completed my MBBS course from MGM Medical University; Ahmedabad and have worked for two years in the Government Medical Hospital, Rajkot. I secured 83% overall in my final exams and received a certificate of merit for being the ‘Best Medical Student’. 

During my days of training as a medical student; I noticed the number of patients who were admitted to the hospital because of lifestyle induced diabetes and cardiac complaints. The percentage of such complaints was much higher than those of patients with age-afflicted and hereditary medical complaints. This prompted me to conduct a survey of about 50 patients who had been admitted to the hospital in the age-group of 23 to 40 years and I found that in nearly 15 patients; just eating proper nutritious food on time could have prevented hospitalisation for cardiac complaints.

This reiterates the fact that healthy eating, ample exercise and regular medical check-ups can prevent life-style diseases.  I would like to focus my energies on understanding more about how the human body reacts to herbal medical alternatives. In some tests run here I noted that blood-sugar levels and cholesterol levels could be controlled by regular consumption of extracts from bitter gourd and fenugreek. I noted this in some patients and this is an acknowledged practice in many families in India.

I would like to devote time to conduct systematic research on the positive impact of bitter gourd and fenugreek extracts on diabetic and cardiac patients. As a first step in this path, I wish to apply for a place on the MSc in Cardiovascular and Diabetes Research offered by the University of Leeds. 

The excellent research facilities and the strong research-centric curriculum seem to be the perfect choice for me to further my academic and professional goals. The strong Indian community in Leeds is another factor, which draws me to Leeds. I hope that I can fulfil my dream of becoming a certified medical specialist in diabetic and cardio-vascular diseases at the University of Leeds.

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