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Lorraine Perry
08 Dec 2014 578 3 mins Share

5 of the most sought after jobs by students

The article illustrates few ways to get employed in UK. Summary of some of the jobs students desire the most after graduating:.

08 Dec 2014 578 3 mins Share
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Many students choose to study in the UK to increase the chance of getting employed after graduating with a degree.But what sort of jobs are they after? Handily, the UK newspaper The Guardian conducted a survey last year that shows us the most popular companies to work for and which sectors students hope to work in. Here is a summary of some of the jobs students desire the most after graduating:

1. IT and Technology

Top of the list of desirable companies to work for was the search giant Google. This shouldn’t come as a surprise when you consider how it was built by fun-loving students.
First and foremost though, Google is one of the biggest, most successful Information Technology companies in the world. Students are aware of just how important IT is to the future of society and business too. It make perfect sense that graduates would want to work for a fun yet respected company that is going to play an integral role in the shaping of the future. 

2. The Secret Intelligence Service 

This one is more than likely attributable to the idealised, action-packed picture of espionage painted by films, such as the James Bond series.
On a serious note though, students clearly see a job for MI6 as a path to doing something that is both interesting and important and graduates who speak a Middle Eastern language are in high demand here. 
As with Google, a British intelligence job creates the possibility of being a part of something bigger;something that could significantly affect the course of human history. 

3. Media Broadcasting

A job at the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) provides students with an exciting, creative working environment. If you’ve watched any television during your studies, you’d know that the British public love the national media company; making the BBC one of the most popular prospective post-graduate employers.

4. Charities

Charities such as Oxfam are also very popular employers with students and graduates. In this choice we can once again see that students are making career decisions based on ethics. They areinformed, motivated people, looking to change the world for the better and they want to work for employers that do the same.

5. Retail and Wellbeing

The Innocent Smoothie Company was another employer that many students hoped to work for. 
Certain elements of a company’s image seem to attract students. Innocent promote the wellbeing of its customers, its staff and the world in general, encouraging healthy living and sustainable business. These issues are significant concerns in the minds of forward thinking students. It is therefore logical they would want to work for such a company.

First Steps To Landing Your First Job In The UK

Although graduate unemployment is high in the UK, there are ways to land your dream job if you are smart about it. The key is to explore the options available and being proactive; here are a few ways into employment:


In the UK, an apprenticeship is a nationally recognised qualification by employers. Not many students realise that graduates are eligible to do an apprenticeship. Completing an apprenticeship not only gives you on the job experience, but you also earn an extra qualification that gives you that edge over the competition when it comes to applying for the job. 
Tuition fees and student loans means that money becomes a pressing issue for graduates. Perhaps that’s why apprenticeships, which give the opportunity to earnwhilst you learn are so popular. For anyone considering such a route, is a great place to start looking. 


In the UK, depending on the company, an internship may pay you a small wage while you work, however this is quite rare across most industries. Many companies will be happy to pay you your travel expenses and in some cases, for your lunch. Internships are a way of earning experience on the job and if you prove capable, a job may be there waiting to be filled. If you plan to do an internship, try to find out if there is a vacancy after the agreed length; an internship may be good for getting you some relevant experience and a foot in a company’s door but you do not earn a qualification at the end of it. 
A lot of companies use recruitment agencies to source their talent. You can speak to a recruitment consultant who specialises in internships if you are interesting in taking up an internship:

Graduate Schemes

Graduate schemes are a great way to begin a rewarding career path. The BBC’s graduate scheme and The National Health Service’s graduate scheme are some of the most hotly contested out there so make sure you have a selection of valuable extra-curricular achievements on your CV if you plan to apply for one of the few places on these schemes.
Keep an eye on the graduate schemes posted on the Guardian website:

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