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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
17 Aug 2015 71 3 mins Share

The more you chase it, the more it eludes…The stressful job hunt!

The more you chase after jobs, the more you will get stressed. Keep calm and follow these steps to get a job without stressing yourself out

17 Aug 2015 71 3 mins Share

Struggling with a loss of confidence as you head out on your job hunt in today’s corporate jungle? As tricky and trying as the process may be, don’t give just yet. So what if you’ve faced a few hurdles and stumbled along the way? Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Start all over again. 

What NOT to do!

In order to derive the Interview- Success Formula, let’s first have a look at the top ten DONT’s that could cost you an amazing job opportunity of a lifetime.

Shoo Away Pessimism!

The focus should be on positives, not negatives. In fact- we advise you to remove ‘should have; could have; would have’ from your vocabulary. These really have a way of clouding your reality and keeping you locked up in the past; to succeed you have to be in the present moment. Your eyes should be set on the future- not regretting mistakes committed.

Stop playing the blame game and pointing fingers at people for the difficulties you may be facing in your job-search.  

All Round The Clock!

Don’t let your job hunt take over your entire life! NO! Make sufficient room for exercise, family, and friends in your schedule. Join an interesting class, meet new people and take part in recreational activities to maintain an overall healthy balance in your every day routine. Bringing in variety and interaction could be key to keeping your mind fresh, rather than endlessly chasing something just to give up at the wrong time.

Taking It to Heart!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could land the first job you apply for? Unfortunately, you may come to realize that it’s not quite that easy. Don’t take rejection personal; whenever possible request for feedback for improvements and to analyse where you seem to veer off course. There’s always a bigger and better job interview you can nail!

Where to Look!

Searching long and hard will not get you anywhere if you are looking in all the same places as everyone else is. Online job portals are crucial but you can also consider exploring other options such as referrals, recommendations or other professional networks. 

The Inevitable- Why You?

Blow your own trumpet- but beware- the line between confidence and arrogance is a thin one!
Ensure you can explain to employers how it is that you have added value to the processes you have been involved in. This is not the time to delve into detail and cover every single thing you’ve done. You’ve got to sell yourself well, like an interesting trailer of a movie- luring your audience enough to make them buy the ticket! 

Hiding It!

While job-searching may be a personal part of your life, you shouldn’t attempt to do it all by yourself. Share your experiences with your family and friends for moral support and some effective pointers to help you get the most of your job-search-experience. 

One Too Many!

Don’t get caught up and apply to every job opening you can find. Instead, take the time and effort with the applications that are in line with your areas of study and interest. Learn as much as you possibly can about the company and the role that you have applied for- this could score you some points. When you have your hands on one too many applications, keeping track of it all becomes quite impossible a task!

Lurking In the Shadows?

This is no time for you to shy away from attention. Blow your own trumpet- but beware- the line between confidence and arrogance is a thin one! You want to come across as the ideal candidate with the right attitude not a know-it-all (a major put-off for employers).

The Changing Times 

Haven’t been in the job market for the past few years? Then read up! Keep yourself updated with the latest on the modern job market and find the right place for yourself to fit in. 

Stop Eying The Competition!

Stand out from the job-seekers-crowd as much as possible. Don’t just talk about your skills- bring in your key accomplishments. Any instance where you have done something unique and out of the ordinary will work in your favour. Tailor your CV to focus on such aspects and give you the edge over other applicants. Put yourself in the employer’s shoes and analyse what makes you different from others. 

These, in conclusion, are a few bumps on the road you should watch out for! Ready now for attacking the job market full-on to find your dream job? 

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