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All the latest news and advice for prospective & current international students, keeping you informed on your education journey.

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The benefits of online learning

People want to learn more and enroll in classes one after the other. But due to busy schedule, they often lack the time to go to a university and earn another degree. But with online classes, learning is a lot handier. It is the most convenient way, especially for working individuals, to get trainings and even higher education. Online classes are more beneficial for those who want to earn certifications for career advancements. With the advantages of online

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UCLAN is a Great Place for Indian Students to Study - Says Ms. Anjali

Mr. Govind Singh Bisht, the then Regional Manager of University of Central Lancashire South Asian Operations (current Director – South Asia), visited our New Delhi office once. This was followed by Ms. Anjali Kapoor from UCLan visiting our Chennai office and spending some time with the overseas education counsellors. She spoke to the counsellors and shared information on how UCLan has become a popular study abroad destination for students from India and other

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Student visa news from major destinations abroad

One of the major impacts of the pandemic was border closures, which directly affected the study abroad dreams of thousands of Indian students. Now that we are learning to  live with the pandemic , India is relaxing the rules and regulations, and slowly letting things get back on track. International flights have once again started operating from India. We bring you the study visa news from the popular destinations so that you can plan your study abroad


  • 04-MAY-2021

    National Interest Exception (NIE) for student waiting to enter the U.S.

    The NIE rule applies to students who were unable to go to the USA due to the pandemic. Applicants should have an F-1 or M-1 visa and their academic programme should commence in August 2021. The NIE is applicable to students presently in China, Brazil, Iran, South Africa, the UK, Ireland and the European Schengen area only.

  • 04-MAY-2021

    Canada expected to be the top choice for international students post pandemic

    Pie News reports that Canada will be the top choice for international students as per Bonard's survey of agents. 31% of agents favoured Canada. The vaccine rollout will make the UK a popular destination and 20% of agents vouched for it. The next preferred destination was the USA with 14% of agents voting in favour of the States.

  • 29-APR-2021

    The UK gaining popularity among international students for its vaccination rollout programme

    The preference for the major study abroad destinations was analysed as part of the QS Global Survey and they found out that the UK has emerged to be quite popular. Students have become more interested in the UK because of their vaccination rollout. Even though students think that the coronavirus outbreak was not handled well by the UK, they feel that they have managed the vaccine distribution effectively.

  • 29-APR-2021

    Eligibility requirements for international students to get PR in Canada

    International students will have to meet the following requirements to be eligible for PR in Canada, as part of the new immigration pathway programme.

    • You should have graduated from a Designated Learning Institution after January 2017.
    • You should be employed in Canada at the time of application. Self-employment will not be counted.
    • Your programme duration must be more than 8 months.
    • The minimum language requirement should be met; Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 in English.
  • 29-APR-2021

    Vaccination rollouts influencing international student choices

    A global survey by QS has revealed that vaccination rollouts are affecting the study abroad plans of international students. More than 70% of them are willing to quarantine at their destination country and get the opportunity for on-campus learning rather than studying online from their home country. 68% is willing to get vaccinated if offered. 43% of students are ready to get vaccinated from their home country if required. 

  • 25-APR-2021

    More requests to the Australian government to support international students

    The Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia has set new priorities and as requested for a new plan to support international students. The ITECA believes that this will introduce new skilled and educated workforce into the market.