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International Student News from the USA

The latest news from the USA and tips for prospective & current international students, keeping you informed on your education journey.

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The benefits of online learning

People want to learn more and enroll in classes one after the other. But due to busy schedule, they often lack the time to go to a university and earn another degree. But with online classes, learning is a lot handier. It is the most convenient way, especially for working individuals, to get trainings and even higher education. Online classes are more beneficial for those who want to earn certifications for career advancements. With the advantages of online

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Student visa news from major destinations abroad

One of the major impacts of the pandemic was border closures, which directly affected the study abroad dreams of thousands of Indian students. Now that we are learning to  live with the pandemic , India is relaxing the rules and regulations, and slowly letting things get back on track. International flights have once again started operating from India. We bring you the study visa news from the popular destinations so that you can plan your study abroad

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Work experience and MS studies abroad - What's the connection?

You might have heard that work experience is necessary whether you are planning to study MS in the U.S., Canada, or any other country abroad. Well, is that so? There are more things that you should focus on while planning to apply for MS abroad. Read more to find out whether it is important to have work experience and how it will influence your application.


  • 16-APR-2021

    H1-B Visa programme renews in the USA

    The former U.S. President had suspended the issuance of certain visas including the H1-B visa. H1-B visas are necessary for highly skilled workers to go to the U.S. The current U.S. President has decided not to renew the proclamation, much to the relief of people interested in finding a job in the USA. ICEF Monitor reports that Indian graduates accounted for 70% of the H1-B visa holders in the year 2015.

  • 04-APR-2021

    Vaccination might be mandatory for students returning to campuses in the U.S.

    Rutgers University in the U.S. is coordinating with international students to ensure that they get vaccinated on arrival. This will not be applicable to students enrolled in courses that are completely online. More and more U.S. universities might consider this as part of their vaccine policy as students return to on-campus learning, reports ICEF.

  • 04-APR-2021

    The U.S. government writes off USD 1 billion

    As reported by THE, The U.S. government is forgiving student debts for more than 72,000 students who were duped into joining low-quality colleges. USD 1 billion is set aside for this purpose.

  • 12-MAR-2021

    Relief for students who faced OPT processing delays

    The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has announced several measures for students who had to face delays in receiving their Optical Practical Training receipt notices. The backlogs were caused due to the pandemic. One of the measures taken is that students will be able to commence their OPT from the date their application is approved rather than from the end of their course. This is for application received between 1 Oct 2020 and 1 May 2021.

  • 05-MAR-2021

    More institutions planning face-to-face teaching for the Fall semester

    More and more institutions in the U.S. are coming forward with their plan to start on campus learning for the fall semester. They are relying on the vaccination programme to make this possible. Some of them include the University of Alabama system which announced that they will return to 'full, in-person classes for Fall 2021'. Evergreen State College, Washington, the University of Wyoming, the University of Maryland, Ohio University and among the others.

  • 03-MAR-2021

    International student perceptions about the U.S. improved after the presidential election

    800 international students across 40 countries were part of the survey conducted by IDP Connect IQ Team. More than 75% of these students have reported that their perceptions have improved following the election results and 67% of them have expressed interest in studying in the U.S.