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Steps to Prepare for Your GMAT in 6 Months

GMAT expert chalks out a roadmap that students can use to prepare for the GMAT in six months.

Mahesh Ramani | 15 Feb 2014 | Updated on 20 Jan 2015 | 587 Views
In this video, Kevin chalks out a roadmap that students can use to prepare for the GMAT in six months.
He says that students should take a practice-test and figure out what their strong and weak parts and then create a study-plan to focus on the weak points and strengthen their knowledge. Instead of cramming for long periods of time, short study-sessions with relevant breaks are advised. Kevin also suggests that students should read newspapers and magazines to keep one-self aware of the changes happening around us and also improve one’s vocabulary and language skills. He recommends that students read – The New York Times, The Economist and The Wall Street Journal. Practice is the key and students are advised to work on logical and quantitative reasoning problems to improve their speed. Registering on GMAT preparation forums and taking as many mock-tests as possible is also an excellent way to score more on the GMAT.
In the next video, Kevin talks about scoring patterns on the GMAT.
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