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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
14 Aug 2015 567 1 min Share

A Look at the 2015 GRE Syllabus!

Don’t hit the snooze button on your GRE prep anymore! Get started on your dream U.S. grad-school journey with a look at the latest GRE syllabus.

14 Aug 2015 567 1 min Share

Computer-Based GRE

This is the format of the revised GRE test, as of August 2011; a lot of changes have been made to this standardized test, starting from the overall time slot from three to four hours. 

Analytical Writing

The Analytical Writing Section of GRE consists of two essays which students are supposed to complete within 30 minutes each. This section measures the students’ organizational, analytical reasoning, and analysis skills. These essays are known as the issue and argument essays. Technically, there is no exact right or wrong answer to the essay questions and these are usually graded by two or even three readers. 

In the GRE issue essay, students are given a debatable topic. The topic being debatable, students have the freedom to write in support or against the topic. They must express their experiences, examples, thoughts, and views in this essay clearly. 

Verbal Reasoning

Next comes the verbal section that tests students on the aspects of reading comprehension, text completion, and sentence equivalence. The verbal reasoning has two sections with around 20 questions in each section, with a time slot of 30 minutes for each. The verbal reasoning section places emphasis on students’ complex reasoning skills, cognitive skills, reading of passages, and their vocabulary knowledge. 

Quantitative Reasoning 

The Math section of the GRE, or the quantitative section as it’s more commonly known, is the section that will put basic math skills to test with 20 questions and two sections with a time slot of 35 minutes per section. This section, however, can’t be underestimated as sometimes test makers are known to word the questions in ways students are left clueless. This section has quantitative comparison questions, multiple-choice questions (wherein students can select one or more than one right set of answers) and numeric entry questions. For the quantitative comparative questions, students are to avoid computations wherever unnecessary. Students can make use of the on- screen calculator for solving problems. 

So that is what the GRE General Test looks like overall for all you first GRE timers! Plus, if you happen to be looking for any assistance in your study abroad process, feel free to give our counselors a call and they will walk you through the entire application process step-by-step absolutely free of cost! Yes, seriously.

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