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Mahesh Ramani
14 Aug 2015 663 1 min Share

Exams to be written to study an MBA abroad

Are you keen to study an MBA abroad and are confused on what entrance exam to take? This article analyses both the GRE and GMAT and helps you make a wise decision.

14 Aug 2015 663 1 min Share
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The lure of an international MBA is very difficult to resist. An international MBA from a reputed B-School is not just a degree; it is an investment that can be used to chalk out a successful career. Institutions around the world, consider applicants based on their scores in the GRE or the GMAT. This article will explore both these tests and give you a clear idea of which test to write.

In 2006, the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) parted ways with Educational Testing Service(ETS), which was administering the GMAT for all these years. GMAC tied up with ACT-Pearson.  This created a lot of changes in the education industry. ETS which manages the GRE tweaked the exam structure. The GRE incorporated questions based on Analytical and Logical Reasoning. ETS with its incredible reach and contacts began to convince B-Schools and universities to consider GRE scores for admissions to MBA programmes. This has created a scenario where there are certain institutions which accept only the GMAT score and some that accept either the GRE or GMAT score for admission to an MBA programme.


You would have short-listed a number of institutions where you are planning to do an MBA. Double-check the entry requirements and verify if the institution also accepts GRE scores. A lot of top business schools including Harvard, Stanford, MIT and Columbia are now accepting GRE scores for admission to an MBA. The GMAT is more expensive than the GRE. Both tests can be taken up to three times a year and both of them are offered online through registered test centres.

Test Structure:

Both tests follow a very similar structure with modules in Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing. The GMAT has a new section called Integrated Reasoning. In spite of similarities, it is very difficult to compare the scores achieved in both tests and issue a statement that one is better than the other. The scores achieved on both tests are valid for five years.

So what should you do?

If you are in two minds and undecided if you wish to do an MBA or an MS/M.Tech, write the GRE. If you are sure that you only want to focus on an MBA; then without any further doubts write the GMAT. Writing the GMAT would let you apply to more B-schools and improve your chances of admission. 

We hope that you found this article useful. 

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