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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
07 Aug 2015 784 3 mins Share

Most Common Errors in GRE!

Read out the Common mistakes that are made in GRE Exam. Get the latest tips 2013 to crack the Exam easy and solution for the errors.

07 Aug 2015 784 3 mins Share

As you are well into your GRE prep and are edging closer and closer to the big day, there are a few things you should be careful about. Why let all your countless hours of study go to waste because of silly mistakes? All the textbooks and study materials in the world couldn’t come to your rescue if you made some of these mistakes. So watch out for these!

Making Haste! 

Your concern that time’s fast running out is understandable but don’t read through the Q’s in a hurry. Make sure you read the question well and understand it before you attempt to answer it. Rushing into it is not going to get you abroad any sooner is it?  What really counts is you keep track of the time you take to answer every question. For the verbal section, don’t take more than a minute to answer and for the math section, stick to two minutes as a maximum and you will do just fine. 

Flubbing Up! 

Sure you knew the answer and calculated well within the time frame that you set for yourself but having the right answer in your head and not on the paper is not going to do your GRE scores any good. Don’t let the pressure get to you by missing out some tiny detail like a negative sign for a math answer. Steer clear of such blunders.

American NOT British! 

We spend years of education following British English but that doesn’t matter when you’re taking your GRE! Familiarise yourself with American English (especially the spellings). After all, if you plan on spending a good four years or even longer in the USA, you might as well do yourself a favour and get comfortable with American English as much as you can! 

Yes! The AWA Does Matter! 

I’m not sure how it came into belief that the AWA essay doesn’t really count but that is a misconception that should be put to rest. A strong SOP would not look good next to a bad result on your AWA. For those of you applying to arts and business schools, take extra care to make sure they give out their best, needless to say. This essay will be evaluated by a human grader and E- rater, which is a computerised grading program. 
Here are a few pointers for your AWA essay prep: 
1. Stick to a clear structure; make sure you have a paragraph for introduction, the content in about two or three paragraphs, and a clear conclusion. 
2. Use phrases such as therefore, on the other hand, or such to help show the computer the difference in concepts used.
3. Don’t put your efforts in individualising and adding bits for inspiration! E-rater will not really be able pick up on this. Strictly follow the right writing style for the essay.
4. This is the time to flaunt your vocabulary knowledge. Use the right words in the right places and also work on maintaining a good flow in the essay. This will show the grader your proficiency. 


You might stumble upon that one question which seems to be holding you up for longer than you had planned. Then don’t try too hard to answer this when you know there are plenty more that need to be answered following this. If you get stuck on a Q, make a good estimated guess based on what you know and move on!  One Q is probably not worth so much of your precious GRE test time anyway! 

Scrimping? Really?

If you think you’re going to save up on study material and not buy what is required,  then you might not end up with a very promising score. Anyway you will be investing lakhs for your higher education abroad, so what do you really have to lose by buying some worthy study materials? 
Here are a few top GRE guides you might want to get your hands on: 
• New GRE 2011-2012: Strategies, Practice, and Review
• Cracking the GRE, 2013
• Barron's New GRE 19th Edition
• The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test
These are just a few GRE tips you should keep in mind to ace your GRE. It takes more than just any bookworm to get high scores, which is why it’s crucial that you not only work hard but also work smart. Don’t let anything take away the GRE score that you really   deserve. 
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