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Mahesh Ramani
06 Jan 2016 625 1 min Share

SAT vs ACT a Quick Comparison

The SAT and the ACT are the two tests widely administered to check the skills of students looking to start and undergraduate degree in the USA.

06 Jan 2016 625 1 min Share
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The past few years have seen an increase in the number of students heading to the USA to complete an undergraduate degree. Additionally, a number of students also opt for integrated five-year and six-year programmes that offer students the combination of an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree over the course of the programme.

The infographic below compares the salient features of both the SAT and the ACT in a simple manner.

Sat vs act infographics

Most universities still hold the SAT as a benchmark for measuring the skills of prospective undergraduate students. Prospective applicants are advised to go through the entry requirements listed by the university and ascertain if they accept and ACT score or a SAT score. The advantage with the SAT is that universities in countries like Canada, Australia and Singapore also accept SAT scores.

Preparation Tips

Ideally students should start preparing for the SAT and the ACT once they are in Class X. If the student has a clear idea of what he/she intends to study at the university level then it helps a lot. Students should familiarise themselves with the test format and scoring pattern and prepare well in advance. Balancing board exams and test preparation is a tricky business but every bit of hard work that is put into test preparation will help students secure a good score.

Taking mock-tests helps as well, students get a clear idea of the actual test and on the actual test day, nerves will be a little less frayed. Adequate preparation using the right study material and accredited books is the best option.

Good luck with your test preparation and if you are still unsure on what test to take or how to prepare for them call out expert advisors on 1-800-103-2581 for clarity.


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