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City, University of London

City, University of London



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City, University of London is a leading global institution located in the heart of London committed to academic excellence in business and professions

  • 1st in London for student satisfaction (CUG 2017)
  • Ranked in the top 20 of UK universities (Guardian 2017)
  • Top 15 in the UK for graduate prospects (The Times 2017)
  • In the top 4% of universities in the world (Times Higher)

As told by the student

  • About City, University of London
Helena Czech Republic

Why did I choose this university?

"‘City University London has a reputation of the best place to study journalism in the UK together with Cardiff University. I liked the idea of living in a big city where I could reach for a wide range of internships. There are many big media organisations headquartered in London, so you can apply for a myriad of work placements.
I had understood that getting a degree from this university would guarantee a well-paid job in a respected outlet. However, it proved to be much more difficult. Still, I have gained an outlook that has enabled me to get a taste of those dream media organisations.
I realized I must work hard to set myself apart and the course has shown me possible ways of doing that. At the end of the day, it is just up to you to learn the skills and put together the contacts that get you the job.’"

My first week

"‘The first week at City University was very exciting. Anecdotally, International Journalism courses always start with what the tutors call “bootcamp”.
Looking back, it is not as frightening as it sounds, especially if you have some experience working as a journalist. However, if you consider that it is happening in a city that you barely know, when you are slightly uncomfortable with the language or accent and when you are spending every free minute browsing flat ads, then, it actually is challenging. The adventurous spirit of the daily tasks help in getting to know your classmates and it always leaves you with topics to discuss when it’s time to leave.
The university organised many social events that made it easy to meet other students. I have especially fond memories of a reception for international students at Mansion House. Sharing your motivation and experience with likeminded young people is a priceless push to start the year.’"

My campus

"‘Most of the university buildings are clustered around Northampton Square in central London. This is where journalism students have classes and study in the library. There is also Cass Business School located near Liverpool Street that hosts talks that might also be of your interest.
I think it works pretty well, because you have everything you need in one place, but it’s also easy to get out when you get bored of the university canteen and cafes. When it’s nice weather we often go to Exmouth Market or sit in the park to have a break.
Thanks to the central location of the campus, you can manage a couple of meetings and interviews together with the lectures. My course was very practical, so balancing the roles of a journalist and a student was key.
The library is open 24/7 during exams period and that’s helpful when you have a busy day and still have to finish some assignments.’"

My city

"‘London is a very big city and it easily gets overwhelming. Paradoxically, it can be difficult to find your thing in the huge offer. I still get shocked how much in advance you have to plan everything to be able to go to the events you like. Demand as well as offer is high and the tickets often get sold out instantly.
This is also a very expensive city, which makes it less welcoming to students and it’s easy to get stressed about your finance. You often have to be smart and do some counting to make the ends meet. I spend a vast majority of my budget on the rent. It’s well worth finding accommodation in an area that you like to avoid lengthy commuting.
Nevertheless, once you find your favourite places, it’s hard to travel elsewhere, because then other cities look very boring. I am keen on arts and the range of cultural events in London is just incredible.’"

My study space

"‘Journalism students at City University have their own department with TV and radio studios and computer labs for editing. News programmes are on all the time and you’ll often see students running around fixing appointments with their sources or recording interviews in the studios.
It normally stays open even at the weekends, when it gets calm enough for some focused editing. Students can enter and use all the facilities independently, except for the newly revamped TV studio that is always supervised by a team of technicians.
The structure of the course varies a lot throughout the year. We started with emphasis on academic, which meant sitting in lectures and doing a lot of research from books. On the contrary, our last term consisted of planning TV and radio programmes that were run completely by the students, so we had to handle all the stages of production in a real-life environment. The tutors gave us feedback on the finished shows.’"

My social life

"‘Looking back, the workload wasn’t terribly demanding. However, it definitely gets stressful at times. You are required to act professionally in a foreign country, so don’t expect a wild student life.
Nevertheless, our class did find time to socialise and do fun things together. Blacksmiths and Toffeemakers became our favourite pub. It is located just a few steps from our department, so you’ll always find familiar faces there. Especially during the first term, when we had late Friday classes, we religiously finished our weeks with a pint on the terrace.
As the workload grew bigger, we would sometimes opt for running to get more productive or cinema nights and dinners in smaller groups of newly made friends. The advantage of a course with such a high international presence definitely is that you learn a lot about other cultures and even professional standards in various countries. Get-togethers for traditional meals were particularly popular.’"

My home

"‘Finding a flat in London was quite a project. The accommodation is, in general, very expensive and not nice. I didn’t want to stay in a dorm to be more independent, so we started looking for a flat with one of my classmates.
Now, it’s four of us living in the flat and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You get enough privacy sharing with fewer people, but you can still organize dinners and parties. I have heard complaints from my friends about hidden fees claimed at dorms. And some even felt more isolated despite living in the same building with other classmates. It differs largely dorm by dorm, but generally, they are not designed well to encourage social life and meeting other people.
I am really enjoying living in east London where there are always things to do and new venues to explore. It’s nice to have your own neighbourhood where you can feel at home.’"

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Kriti, India 4

It is good

London is a very social and commercial city with horrible weather though. Cass Business School had very good library facilities. On the whole I am happy with the program.

Kristoff, United Kingdom 4

The university contributes to a holistic education

I am delighted to be on the second year of my professional training program in the City. My experience here has been excellent and rewarding. It was the fine international reputation and the central location of the Unive read full review
Amy, United Kingdom 5

Challenging but exciting

I knew that I wanted to study in London so that I was close to the Inn and all the major law courts. I had completed the conversion course at the City Law School and very much enjoyed it, so I knew and trusted City Unive read full review

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