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Doodle Nandi

Doodle Nandi is a content editor for Hotcourses India- an IDP company, and helps write articles that help students with their study abroad journey.


09 Sep 2016 637 Book icon 3 mins Share

9 Habits of Successful Study Abroad Students!

Various qualities of students who want to make their study abroad dreams successful!

09 Sep 2016 637 Book icon 3 mins Share
Doodle Nandi

Doodle Nandi is a content editor for Hotcourses India- an IDP company, and helps write articles that help students with their study abroad journey.


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habits of successful study abroad students

There are many like you who wish to study abroad. But are you one who knows how to stand out from the crowd? I mean are you willing to put extra efforts and not just fret around, to fulfil your study abroad plan?

Our advisors deal with different students – some hard workers, some non-hard workers, some highly ambitious, etc. We are not trying to discourage you but telling you there are certain things our advisors expect from you too.

We are trying to talk about some habits of students, who are willing to pursue higher studies abroad, that help them achieve success. Read up more to get your head round it!

E-mails: check!

Besides watching the Game of Thrones, they find time to check their mails regularly and follow up with their advisors upon receiving any crucial mail pertaining to admissions or visa guidance. They keep a track of all those mails in a separate folder to avoid cluttering the mail inbox.

Read your documents!

They read their documents carefully because they are smart, proactive people who know they need to validate every detail with their advisors. If they don’t understand something, they take notes to clarify those doubts. 

Attend meetings!

They visit university representatives at their nearest locations to receive more information on course details, visa assistance, bank account, forex, arriving information, loans etc.

Moreover, they find time to attend educational fairs to interact with experienced advisors and receive first-hand information from them; see how (below picture) our advisors made the Hindu Fair a great success on 21st and 22nd May 2016.

No excuses!

Did you forget to check your passport expiry date? It is your responsibility to be meticulous about vital things like passport and visa!

Successful study abroad students own their mistakes because they believe that's a favourable way to solve problems.

Do your research!

These students know how to make good use of the information flowing around in the air. They research about the university and course details on the university website, local news, visitor centre, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc., to have a clear knowledge before applying.


Improvise yourself!

They are good listeners so they listen to their advisors at every step. These students never hesitate to talk freely and maintain an amiable atmosphere with their advisors to seek proper guidance and support, not just blindly take a decision, because they know studying abroad is a lifetime decision.

Expect: hmm!

They don’t keep complaining about language barriers or housings or safety abroad; instead they plan well and keep all consternations away. Things may not always work the way we plan – they know this and work towards it!

Procrastinate: no way!

Procrastination will make your entire study abroad dream ineffective because there are certain things which will require immediate action, for example, if your advisors ask you to visit them for mock visa interviews within a given time, you cannot say you won’t be available for next few weeks.


Take care!

Besides studying these students take care of their health because they know without a good health they would go nowhere. Skipping meals during exams or binge eating out of stress is not going to help if you want to be one among them.

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