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Why Indian Students Should Study Abroad?

The benefits of studying abroad are discussed by the expert. Some key factors include - better choice of courses, quality of education, exposure to international culture, great starting salaries.

Priyanka Karunan | 27 Jun 2013 | Updated on 02 Dec 2014 | 1.7K Views
In India a student finds it very difficult to join a good university because of the various reservations at the community and state level. Parents often use their social and political connections to obtain admission for their wards in various institutions. Unless one scores well it is difficult to make it to a good institution for studies. It has to be noted that in the recent world university rankings none of the IITs have managed to top the best two hundred except for a few subject based rankings.  
According to Gigeo of IMTP consultancy getting into an IIT is an uphill task. One has to work really hard for four to five years. For the 12000 seats available for undergraduate courses in the IITs there are more than 10 lakh applicants. He expresses that those students who could not make it to an IIT can actually try to get into a university abroad that provides IIT quality education or can look for ones that rank higher. All what it requires is a good score of 80% and above in school and the undergraduation level. Secondly, it is the maturity level that matters.
Many universities have a programme structure that will help a student to study and do an internship at the same time and will help to increase his/ her knowledge and skills. But in India it is not possible to do such a programme as such options do not exist. Thirdly, once a student graduates he or she gets a highly paid job in after studying in countries like the US.  A student can earn a minimum of fifty to sixty thousand US dollars while in India a student might earn only around twenty to twenty five thousand rupees. Research is another major area where India lags. It is almost non-existent and good ones charge a huge premium. Therefore it is worthy enough to study in a university abroad than in India. 
Today the world has opened up. The only question lies around which university to opt for. Countries like the United States, Australia and UK have good institutions that provide quality education. Countries like Ireland, Germany, New Zealand also have come up lately with excellent education programmes. Many top universities have opened campuses in Malaysia providing a chance for students from across the world to pursue higher studies.
The options provided by universities abroad are outstanding but everything depends on the student’s academic records, visa clearing process, financial stability and other factors.
Therefore studying abroad is always a better option for young students looking forward to pursue their dream education.
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