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It’s National Doughnut Day this week, and admittedly we have been partaking in a few sugary samples here in the office. However, with such a diverse team from all corners of the world, we’ve only scratched the surface of the snack mountain. Below have a look at what our team said was their favourite snack from their home countries:


Brasil - Pão de queijo

While you may find that pizza takeaways have some combination of cheese and bread on their menu, it’s usually a mere starter. Fabricia is a firm believer in Pão de queijo, which is readily available in Brasil ‘very easily and quite cheap’. If this were a starter, we couldn’t care less about the main meal.


Malaysia – Satay

Meat which has been seasoned and grilled, and is eaten off skewers is quite familiar to western taste buds – it definitely adds a little excitement to the average BBQ of hotdogs and burgers. Wilson notes that meat cooked Satay-style originally came from Indonesia, but has been happily adopted by those in Malaysia.


Thailand - Moo Ping

Joyce was quick to jump in with Moo Ping, which according to her is three times more popular than Satay in her country. Also skewered, Moo Ping is barbecued pork which is sold by street vendors on busy mornings – luckily this doesn’t happen here, or else we would be constantly late to work while we picked up our order on the way.


Korea – Boon Uh BBang

For Ji-Hyung, it was difficult to pick just one snack, but she chose one which she thought would be interesting to those from other countries. It most certainly is, in that it comes in the shape of a small fish (hence the name which translates as ‘carp bread’). It’s a bit like a sausage roll, but instead of sausage, the filling is red bean paste.


Venezuela – Pirulin

This one might have got our sweet tooth tingling! Pirulin is somewhat similar to Mikado chocolate sticks which western audiences would be familiar with. They are long thin sticks of hazelnut chocolate wrapped in wafer. Antonietta has warned us that you can’t eat just one, so perhaps keep the tin away from us!



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international cuisine

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