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Hotcourses Student Survey

Hotcourses recently conducted a survey, sending out a set of questions to all our users on various international sites. The survey asked a number of questions: how students search when looking for study abroad options, what content they found valuable, their expectations of the application process, and their opinion of alternative study routes. We received 6,000 responses and below are some of the key findings on Malaysian students:

1.       Applicants search primarily by course

When Malaysian students start a search, majority search by course at 63.7% followed by university at 21.6% and location at 14.7%.

In line with this, the Hotcourses Malaysia website has developed a ‘course’ search box.


2.       Students know what country they want to study in

79.2% of Malaysian students have an idea of where they want to study, whilst 20.8% have no clue.

Hotcourses Malaysia makes it simpler for students to decide and navigate the website with its search by country section; from UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Ireland, Netherlands , Sweden or even locally in Malaysia. The different countries come with helpful summaries of why an education in respective countries can be a rewarding experience for you.


3.       Students find reviews and university videos helpful

57.58% of applicants find student reviews by students from Malaysia helpful. On whether university videos are a good source for information, 33.67% of Malaysian students find them useful with a particular emphasis on shots covering lecture rooms and libraries.   

Look up our blog and student reviews to gain better insight into your university choice.


4.       Students apply between 3-4 universities

Because students wish to have a wider choice of options, 50.5% of students apply to 3-4 universities at any one time.

With Hotcourses Malaysia’s ‘My Shortlists’ feature, you can choose as many universities as you want, and compare them easily.   


5.       Students take 12 months or less to carry out their study abroad research

About 42.1% of students take 6 months or less whilst 28.4% take 7-12 months to research about studying abroad.

This is a very short period of time. To help inspire you, we’ve put together a section on ‘Meet the experts’, featuring Malaysians who are doing really well in their respective jobs. These industry players dish out advice and share some inspirational stories.

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