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Studying The Simpsons: World’s most unique universities

Read our list of some of the coolest, most unusual and extraordinary features which universities around the world can boast about.


High world ranking, interesting course content, central location, a diverse student body...these are some of the factors considered when students choose a university. However different people are attracted to different things, some of which you might not even consider!

Below are some of the extraordinary and bizarre facts and features which some universities can boast of...


Free laundry at University of Cambridge

Emmanuel College, also known as the Emma is home to the most students of University of Cambridge during their study period. The place is known for peaceful and friendly environment. But one thing that makes it stand out from all other halls of residence is the fact that weekly laundry in these halls is done FREE of charge for all occupants!


Football Stadium in University of Michigan

Clearly, University of Michigan takes sports and athletics very seriously. This is evident from the fact that thr university has on campus, the world’s third largest and United State’s largest football stadium, Michigan Stadium. National, international and local events are hosted in this stadium and the students have a separate gate and seating area which allows them to get discounted prices for the events.


Free laptops at Coventry University

Along with having a beautiful campus, Coventry University is also very generous when it comes to facilitating its students. The media, production, photography, communication and journalism students are provided with laptops and communication devices upon enrolment, FREE of charge. The students can keep this laptop, given they successfully graduate from the college. This ensures that all students can make the most of their time at university and have access to the latest technologies and software.


Study The Simpsons at University of California

Ay caramba! Yes, the University of California offers a course called 'The Simpsons and Philosophy' in the DeCal programme. This course uses extracts from beloved cartoon The Simpsons to understand different matters of life including religion, politics and science. Not bad for a family of yellow people with four fingers!


Giving back at the Warren Wilson College

Warren Wilson College is located in North Carolina, USA. The college conducts a range of undergraduate and graduate courses of disciplines ranging from business and architecture to sciences. One thing that makes these courses stand out from all others is the fact that all students are required to do at least 100 hours of community service or an on campus job (mostly farming) before they can graduate.


Take a dip on your birthday at the Occidental College

Occidental College has a massive campus and on this campus is a fountain called the Lucille Gilman Memorial Fountain. It was built by students under directions of their lecture George Baker in 1900s. The students at Occidental College take traditions very seriously, which is why every student at the university is pushed into this fountain on their birthdays.


Beach Club at University of Missouri

Columbia, Missouri enjoys moderate to hot temperatures across the year, and the University of Missouri’s ‘beach club’ ensures students take full advatnage of the glorious weather. The beach club offers spa-like facilities including hot showers, indoor and outdoor pools, bubble pool, waterfall, deck chairs, fire place and a big TV screen. Who would have imagined university life could feel like a holiday?


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