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Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore


Top 7 Paid Jobs in Singapore for Fresh Graduates


If you’re someone who  is more practical and want a job that will net you a high salary, then you should definitely pay attention to the information below. We’ll also let you know which courses and universities would best help you to get to that career path.

1. Doctor


Being a doctor or just being in the field of medicine is such a noble thing as you can help people, save lives, and improve humanity’s longevity. Such a noble profession definitely deserves a high salary! This profession is definitely valued highly in Singapore as it will give you an average salary of 3095SGD per month! Highest paid job for a fresh graduate right now in Singapore.


If you want more information on how to get a head start in this career path, look at the link below:

Medicine Courses


2. Bio Engineer

Interested in learning how you can incorporate both engineering and biology? Well than this area of studies is perfect for you!


Bioengineering is becoming more and more prevalent as it is key in not only improving but sustaining the human life.


Currently in Singapore, having a degree in this field will net you probably the second highest paid salary with an average of 3082SGD per month.


Check out the biotechnology courses we have available:

Biotechnology courses


3. Financer


Coming in third, is Finance; learn how to manage money while earning a lot of money as well!


Going for a job in finance in Singapore will help you get a job with an average salary of 2959SGD per month.


Finance courses available here.


4. Legal Services


Are you a very law-abiding person who excels in arguing?

Then this is probably the field for you! There are many choices in the legal services that you can take, from criminal law, to environmental law, to business law. Whichever you pick though, you will still be able to earn an average salary of 2825SGD per month in Singapore


Check out courses in the legal services by checking out the link below:

Law Courses


5. Environmental Engineer


If you’re pro-green and want to help preserve the environment, than this area of studies is obviously the one for you. Combine both your expertise in science and engineering to save this planet.


Another noble field of studies that is very much valued in Singapore, with an average salary of 2781SGD per month.


Check out how you can learn about protecting the environment with innovative technology here.


6. Journalist


Are you someone who is very inquisitive? Want to join the world of news and media? Than this one is the perfect match for you!


Singapore is also looking for people with hard-hitting journalism embedded in their core, and being a journalist is actually one of the highest paid jobs for fresh graduates, able to earn about 2781SGD per month.


If hard-hitting journalism is your thing, than look no further:

Journalism courses



7. IT-Software Expert

Are you interested in all there is to know about computers? A tech genius maybe? Then check out our link for all the available opportunities for you to expand your knowledge and skills in this field!

This profession is also much valued in Singapore, with an average salary of 2718SGD per month!

If you want to learn more about IT than click on the link below:

IT Courses.



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