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Famous Canadians who have studied abroad

We list some famous Canadians who travelled internationally for their studies

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A university degree can be the key to your future, whatever it is that may be. To see where studying internationally could get you, we take a look at a diverse list of famous Canadians who got to where they are today by studying abroad:


1. Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. ‘The Rock’

Photo: Eva Rinaldi

While it may surprise you that ‘what the Rock is cooking’ hasn’t always been the scent of fierce destruction, back in his youth, Dwayne Johnson rustled up a Social Sciences degree. In 1995, the Nova Scotian wrestler and actor attended Miami University, where he received a Bachelor of General Studies degree in Criminology and Sociology.








2. James Cameron

Photo: Steve Jurvetson

It’s no surprise that the Canadian film director, inventor and engineer James Cameron is an educated man. But instead of studying in Ontario where he’s from, Cameron attended California State University in Fullerton, and it certainly hasn’t held him back!








3. Leonard Cohen

Photo: Takahiro Kyono

Arguably one of the most successful musicians to come out of Canada, Leonard Cohen is a national institution. As a singer, songwriter, poet, painter and novelist, there is seemingly no end to his talents, but they don’t end there. Cohen chose to study Law for a year at Columbia University in New York which, for someone so creative, seems like a surprising choice of subject.



4. Marc Garneau

Photo: Nasa Goddard Space Flight Centre

Students are often asked ‘Where will your degree take you?’ Very few people though, can answer, “the moon.” That is, except for Marc Garneau, the first Canadian man to ever land on the moon. Before he could achieve such success, though, Garneau gained an extensive education, finishing with a Doctorate from the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London. If anyone is a case study of international study success, Marc Garneau is definitely that person.


Whether you want to become an engineer, a wrestler, an actor, a filmmaker, or even an astronaut, studying abroad can enable you to achieve your dreams. Start your study abroad adventure today!

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